Illegal Drugs Bullshit – Deek Jackson

Deek Jacksons Bullshit Vol 1 on DVD
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  • Emcee Mindmelt

    I Love You.

  • michaelkeeble1

    Just saw this upload on FaceBook and WOW, you are now subbed, I'm not into drugs but I see no floor in your logic if your stats are correct..

  • jamie78ful



    You should do this one again Mr Jackson sharpen it up a bit – its a classic and needs to go super viral

  • SEE I A all MAN

    key 2 most things=moderation ..2 many folk think god looks like a rich fake tanned version of them+qoute the bible all the time{not knowing 7sins/10 commandtments from jerry spingers final thought about worming in alpha male dogs} while they have a 10th kid from a chick midjet 1 man night stand.decrimalize not advertize so this buissnes run by mobsters that would sell your body parts 4 not paying 4 ya home not 2 B burnt down.use ALL that possible tax 4 the sick+dieing


  • Deek Jackson

    @4lli4nce wow a new definition of drugs – let me get comfortable …er ok sock it to me … take your time rush …hahah rush geddit?

  • Deek Jackson

    @4lli4nce yeah – people who drink coffee,smoke tobbacco , like a beer , a glass of wine..all losers everyone of them – your totally right. Humans should never , ever ,under any circumstances take any substance that alters the state of their mind or body – end of story …hahahahahahahah I couldnt laugh at you enough, if this comment s page went on till the end of time – hahah ahohohoh aha ahe ehe he ehe h h hehehe e- wait theres more – haha aha aha ahahahaha aha ha ahahaha ahahahahahahahahah

  • gori bigon

    19 arms dealers

  • bah

    fuck yea uncle howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smokey66662

    Fu*@ing brilliant video bud, Im just gonna roll another blunt and watch it again :)

  • Don Killuminati

    This video has been age-restricted? I guess the truth is dangerous for kids.

    Btw, there are around 12,000,000,000 cigarettes smoked today, but that's OK cause it's legal.

  • ant4love

    This video needs more views.

  • SEE I A all MAN

    make it decrimanlied for smack they did it in switserland and gave smack to people 3 times a day but they were working with proper jobs the towns they did it crime was cut almost to zero there are less pot smokers person per person in holland than the uk where i live by a pub the aint a week gos by there isnt a fight in hollend the first coffe shop/pub has been there for 40 yrs not 1 fight obivasly smack will make u its bitch 4 life butwood rather have a junkie rob u with a gun/knife 4 his fix