I GOT A BOMB – Deek Jackson

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Please post these lyrics far and wide- For comedy purposes.
The fascist spying state that made up all the terror attacks as an excuse to spy on us. Has a vast machine monitoring all our communications. Hello you twats!! – These lyrics are intended to subvert their false flag tyranny – post – share – enjoy 🙂


I got a bomb gonna use it on you –
I got a bomb i gotta do what i do
I got a bomb for the pope and the queen
I got a bomb make the president scream
I got a bomb gonna take it to the top
I got a bomb you bet it fuckin rocks

I got a bomb for muslims and jews
I got a bomb for the christains too
got the ingredients here in my mind
cant take it back there aint no rewind
i can make more these bombs any time
bring the beat back well do the crime

I got a bomb gonna drop it on th e floor
I got a bomb and im gonna make more
I got a bomb its here in my track
I got a bomb this is how i attack
planet rapping fkrs your only a few
i dropped the bass cos this bomb is for you

I got a bomb for the tv transmitta
I got a bomb for the carbon emmitta
Sing this song under tyrranys rule
you know what it means they do too
now the law says fighting fascisms wrong
but they can all suck on my fucking bomb

Music and Lyrics by Deek Jackson

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  • We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM

    Carlton is dancing!

  • Dom Vd

    Deek you're the bomb!

  • SubGenius Clergyman

    Dammit Deek– you ought to produce for alternative radio!  They are always hungry for material.  You may have to grind a sharp corner off here and there to fit but there's nothin' to stop you from making those corners into very pointy word projections that can fit past the locks and into the minds who are waiting to hear you…. tired of the pablum.
    There's a lot of flavor in profanity and I love to use it myself to the right people's faces– but the meat, the nutrition for the mind that your work gives doesn't rely on that.  Tailor your message a bit and be heard more!  And don't give up encouraging us to call our leaders ODIOUS FUCKING TWATS !!!!!

  • SubGenius Clergyman

    I have a small connection to the non-commercial, non-state, community radio station in Madison, WI, WORT-FM.  How can I get your songs played, Deek?  I suppose you could contact the music director at wort-fm.org and talk or correspond with her.  Your stuff containing any fun words would have to be played during late night safe-haven hours.  Think about producing some stuff with the intention of getting it played on the radio during normal hours– you could do it— don't think of it as limiting yourself except perhaps in the way of a chosen form like HAIKU.  Going even farther down that road of thought, have you ever thought of doing a kids' song or a newscast for kids?  I think you could have a ball with it.  You might even get a cameo from Pee-Wee Herman.  A shame Jim Varney's dead, though.  His kids' show was pretty funny, even to me as an adult seeing it with my young daughter in the '80s.

  • SubGenius Clergyman

    Deek, I'm serious here.  If I paid your expenses to come to 2 or more places in the US to perform and speak, would you do it?  It would be great if you could make some money, too, but I'm just a guy who has done some big things with very little money– and I want you to come to America to visit— for X-Day 2015 in Athens, Ohio and to Madison, WI.

  • Luke Waddington

    They can suck on my Fkn Bomb too!!!!, . , well we are all fucked now,, Deek has a bomb.., awesome!!, thanks for tunes, spectacular .  


    I ave a burm…


    Does your dog bite?


    You said your dog does not bite!

    It is not my dog.

  • Deek Jackson

    Please share the lyrics on all of your social media. Let's not fuck about. They lied about terror repeatedly. They are the terrorists they have the bombs. Mindfuck them 🙂 more coming.

  • Ame3thyst3

    Deek you are a creative genius!!! Love the song! It speaks volumes!
    Thank you for sharing. Going straight to my Favorites!

  • Paul Price

    Ian Curtis. 🙂 first one to tweet it to government wins a big fat Cuban cigar. 

  • Martyn Flynn

    I like it, shared.

  • COWonXTC

    You Sir, are a genius! :D