HyperNormalisation: Trews Special Edition

We live in a world where the powerful deceive us. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. They don’t care. On today’s Trews Special Edition we take a look at HyperNormalisation, the excellent new documentary from Adam Curtis. HyperNormalisation premieres on 16 October at 9pm through BBC iPlayer.

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Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy.
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  • nancy storer

    I aint half missed your ugly mug

  • Adon blustar

    Charles Manson 1969 mis-trial injustice he is innocent.

  • hvidhajster

    We also live in a world where you deceive us, Russell. I know you lie. Do you care?

  • David Herron

    Qaddafi is the poster boy for getting stabbed in the back

  • Tim H

    Dose anyone know if this very important film will be available outside the UK? BBC iPlayer is restricted in Ireland.

  • SF Holdstock

    Please respond to my last message in the last video. I realize your comeback is a big deal but respond to your trew fans.

  • Crotchet

    Just checked the iplayer and no sign of it being on tonight. What gives????!

  • Gafr Môr

    I've often thought that the establishment communicates more truths to us through Hollywood fiction, perhaps to ready our unconscious minds, or we find more truth through artists like Lynch and Cronenberg, who try to communicate truths that will never be found in mainstream media – there is more truth in fiction than the corporation owned press weaving the myth of our reality.

  • dave the rave

    John st julian is the same As brand a religious fraud. All religions are fake written by the elites to keep us divided and at war. 

  • cpcnw

    Also recommend 'Bitter Lake' by Adam Curtis. A very difficult watch but a lesson in how world events and outcomes do not happen in a vaccuum – in fact are inextricably connected. Well worth a watch.

  • Jason Davies

    we pay millions for MI6 and they don't even have bikes there running around like headless chickens

  • malevich92

    thank you for coming back, I was lost but now I'm found

  • algorithm0r

    Oh how I have missed my Trews…. it was a dark year….

  • william green

    Trews is a tool to leave you scared and confused

  • Happy Ray

    Russell the Brand back to Illuminate us

  • Ingrate

    Spent so many hours this week watching Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos and hey… Look, the left and right can both make great points, who'd of thought?

  • Adam Kishanov

    well? are you back??? I miss u, u bastard!


    Hey Russy doll !! I love what you are doing for us I'm watching you since ever and I'm one of yours..and you are one of us! never give up just tap in for energy when you need and we shall send you enough ! we all love you our brother !

  • me001ist

    we new this when we were blowing up their country and trying to kill their leader, I couldn't believe it was happening. That place was 1st world hwy`s for miles free uni health care all the stuff we say we`ve got but there's was paid for by all the oil and water in their country, now we piped the water to Israel and let isis sell the oil for the war purse.

  • me001ist

    We did ourselves proud with that didn't we, no arrest, no trial just murdered, we are hypocrites.