How the Cowspiracy Documentary Turned Me Vegan

How the Cowspiracy Documentary Turned Me Vegan

The new documentary, Cowspiracy, exposes the huge environmental secret that animal agriculture is the #1 emitter of greenhouse gases. Until we change the way we eat, we will never be able to stop climate change. Find out why I decided to go vegan and why I am super excited about it.

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Study that proves 51% of greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock and their byproducts:

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  • benko7ab

    Yes…went from Vegetarian to Vegan after the film, surprisingly easy, although I'm not so strict when on the road.

  • Mirek Koci

    If you change your lifestyle just because of some movie…. what kind of person are you? what if someone creates movie about drinking water is bad, put some fake statistics into it … would you stop drink the water ? probably yes … congratulations ;)

  • Max Hammet

    awwww I love this film but one think meet production produces more than 51% of greenhouse gasses

  • jackwales77

    Imagine if Billion people in India start eating BEEF ?? So far, for thousands of years for some reason they didn't. Hmmm.. Anyways, as per INDIANA JONES, They eat Monkey Brains.. BRAINLESS STUDIO'S..

  • Damian Flynn

    She's just promoting the blonde girl stereotype. Apparently she was recently enlightened by television that meat is bad. She obviously doesn't have the intellectual capacity to question "Cowspiracy".

  • Jamie Bennett

    SO CUTE and i love love your channel. SO good.

  • Marine Benett

    Good job girl

  • AC Newtown

    Hi! I also watched Cowspiracy and became vegan the next morning (my boyfriend joined as well even if he didnt watch it he totally believed me)!

    I took Colleen's program and it was brilliant – she really made it so much easier. I am now almost 40 days vegan and never going back. The only regret I have is not doing this much earlier!

    Also, I recommend you read Will Tuttle's World Peace Diet – it is amazing and talks about how our herding culture has completely stopped us from evolving. The way we have indoctrinated generations and generations to think animals are commodities has profoundly affected humankind on EVERY level. From social inequalities, racism, sexism, warfare, ecological disasters, and so on. My view has completely changed and I feel amazing physically but also spiritually. Humans lost their compassion and gaining it back will fix so many things in our world and make us much more intelligent. In fact, did you know Einstein, Plato, Tesla, Tolstoy, Voltaire, Ghandi, Bernard Shaw and Leonardo DaVinci were all vegans and believed animals should not be part of the human diet? If we were inspired by their inventions, research, literature, and philosophies, why not also be inspired by their respect towards other beings?

    Oh and I hope you've also checked out Gary Youronofsky's speeches – he turned 8% of Tel Aviv vegan!

    Finally, here is a speech that is truly inspiring by Philip Wollen at a debate in Australia.

    PS: Here is a site that calculates how much you saved as a vegan:

    Screw it, I'm gonna say it – It's time for a Vegan Revolution! :)

  • KarolaTea

    Huh? Greenpeace is very much talking about the effects of agriculture on the environment. They usually focus on a few big issues each year, maybe at the moment it's not agriculture/livestock, but I've definitely seen/read/heard stuff from them about that. And they very much encourage cutting on animal products…. which isn't going to lose them many members, given a lot (if not most) are already vegetarian or vegan (which I guess is similar with the other organizations as well).
    Sounds like a great film though! It's definitely an important subject! Most films about animal products focus more on animal rights and stuff… which yeah, fair enough, important stuff too, but a lot of time they just trying to guilt people into veganism with sad piggies and gory slaughterhouse scenes. Yay for a film that talks more about the environmental side of things :D

  • Julián Zaraza

    Nice video! It's cool to see there's more people out there spreading the message. I'm also looking forward giving up any animal products, soon!

    If someone is concerned about nutrition for even bodybuilding purposes, there're a lot of peer-reviewed scientific articles that completely support veganism as a diet (even as the most healthy one), if you want to know more about it I highly recommend this two facebook groups: "Vegan Bodybuilding and Nutrition" and "Vegan Science". BTW, suscribed!

  • Suzanne Koch

    Hi Katy,
    I'm vegan for a little over a year now. 🙂 Just wanted to tell you that your video is great! I might post it on my facebook to help sway some people to watch the documentary. I'm happy for you! Plant Power!! :)

  • Rowell R

    U're just killing yourself coz ur diet is not balance…

  • JackGreen

    wow the video quality is great! great edits! this channel is going to blow up big time! great message!