HILLARY is Finished ! Latest WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL will Force Her to stand trial !

HILLARY is Finished ! Latest WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL will Force Her to stand trial !

HILLARY is Finished ! Latest WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL will Force Her to stand trial !
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  • louise evans

    There is SOOOOO much MORE to ALL this than we will EVER/NEVER know, mark my words…Treating us all like DUMMIES that we ARE for FALLING for all their C R A P !!

  • artsychic2000

    the soros work for the jesuits. The jesuits are the top

  • ajcorns0486

    Nothing will be done about Hillary, the election has been rigged for years, and there is a string of dead bodies that run from Arkansas to the White House! All I can say, be ready to have your rights taken from you right before your eyes!

  • Ron Bernard

    nothing happened yet

  • Rich Graziano

    It will not matter.

  • Valerie Jenice

    Everyone that crosses her and poses a threat dies "mysteriously". I don't believe there's a Congresswo/man who feel they dare to cross her. Hell, even FBI director Comey is terrified of her which is the ONLY reason he didn't recommend indictment. The Wikileaks director is dead. The UN president that was set to testify against her died the day before by "accidentally" crushing his windpipe while lifting free weights alone … at the age of 60. The young man that worked at the DNC that was set to release documents proving that hrc rigged the election was murdered in Harlem at 4:00 a.m., believing he was on his way to meet with FBI agents. The Florida attorney that had gathered hard proof that Bernie won the nomination was recently killed. This list goes on. No one is going to cross this crazy bitch, because she WILL kill them, and no one will touch her. If it's not her doing it directly it's her backers doing it, and she's well aware of what's going on. It's how they got Bernie to stop his campaign … too high profile to kill, but they could threaten to kill his entire family, including his adoring little grandson. I don't have proof, but I know Obama did that … or hrc herself in the meeting with Obama and Bernie. And now no sound out of Julian Assange for days, and they want him dead. They've come right out and said they want him dead or alive. We have no government and we have no country. We are so fucked.

  • History of Violence

    wikishits has been preaching this same bullshit over a year now ….get a new line its over she s gonna be president

  • whosyourdaddy63

    A super pack has 25 cigarettes…

  • Brad Smith

    if this dirty bitch wins we might as well go live in mexico where corruption is an accepted thing

  • Brad Smith

    anybody else would be hit with treason. but since her and bill pay everybody off with dirty drug money and blackmail nothing will happen to her. this isn't the USA anymore its mexico in disguise

  • Mia Miu

    Why don't you guys all just vote for Jill Stein and that's it. Problem solved. Easy.

  • W Cummings

    yay, Hillary is finished, yay

  • JC

    Hahaha, you really think they have the balls to prosecute Hillary?
    She'll be president, and no charges will arise!