Heated Debate on Police Racial Profiling – Sam Harris, Hannibal Buress & Joe Rogan

Sam Harris and Hannibal Buress get in to an argument over racial profiling in the police while Joe Rogan tries to find a middle ground on the We The People Podcast.
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  • jamie Russell

    Hear the relief everytime the one guy is willing to be laid back and friendly.
    We, the vast majority of pale skins, are dying to be allowed to be color blind.

  • Michael D

    Sam is the only one here who understood anyone else's arguments. Joe thought Sam and Hannibel were arguing two sides of a topic rather than hannibel simply just missing Sam's argument entirely. Hannibel didn't even allow an argument to be made, just started talking about himself and such. Supposedly he was drinking but he sounds retarded. Sam I feel your pain

  • Daniel Heskett

    considering his name is Hannibal he sure doesn't like talking about murder.

  • HalfLucan

    I've seen Sam handle himself well in other videos. I think he knows that even if the person he is talking too doesn't understand his point, the audience will.

    So he never fucking falters with his arguments, even if the person is a retard, he never lowers himself to say something stupid in reaction to anything they say.

  • oglordbrandon

    Give Hannibal a break. He's not aware of these statistics, he's inebriated, and he did not expect a debate.

  • Florence & The Black Cats

    Hah! Sam's bet was pure gold! What a gem!

  • RedLeaf37

    As soon as Hannibal starts feeling he lost the argument, he starts insulting character and interrupting. Mismatched debate to begin with. Try seeing if Sam Harris can do stand up. Let Sam debate a smarter man.

  • Peter Nierop

    hannibal is a no brainer. pity really. Having a loud mouth seem to overload the tiny single braincell

  • Top Shotter

    Hannibal is a career race victim, and stupid cunt to boot.

  • Ernesto D.

    shit hannibal is so fucking thick, and joe validating his stupid points… smh

  • Jairo Hernandez

    "Bitches be shoppin"

  • Matt H

    "Personal experience is irrelevant to facts." -Sam Harris (and basic logic)

  • Ian Wynn


  • Keith Klassen

    Hooookay. So the Washington Post put out a superb article about this shit, breaking down the statistics. Now if you are determined to misrepresent statistics, as Sam is here, it's pretty easy to do, by only presenting part of the relevant information. Yes indeed, there are more white people killed by cops than black people killed by cops. However, there are more white people in the population; when you correct for population, black men are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by cops than white men.


  • Agent Migs

    Hey Hannibal, sftu and let the man talk