Half Hour With Peter Joseph, Creator Of The Zeitgeist Movement, Talks With Lee Camp [ep 5]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee sits down with renowned author Peter Joseph. They discuss what would it take to end the profit-over-people society that has dominated America since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Check out Peter Joseph’s book, The Zeitgeist Movement, his web series Culture In Decline, and the Zeitgeist Films. This and more on Redacted Tonight VIP!

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  • Natalie Williams

    Robert Reich was addressing the subject of Universal Basic Income in light of the robot revolution just last week. The idea is catching on . . . it smells like the future . . .

  • Jerry Beck

    Lee, work on that 3 hour interview with Peter. Great stuff.

  • codergames

    The problem with it, the biggest one, is that the birthrates would rise to insane numbers and everything would fall down very fast.

  • O l i v e r !

    22:50 – "Until we change the economic system we won't change human culture."

    …I believe it will take a change in philosophy, in order to change the economic system.

  • Deborah Rose

    Isn't the money BS tied closely with big energy? Isn't it time to stick a fork in fossil fuels, and for profit energy utilities and lose the grid? We have the tech now to put bladeless wind and amazing solar with a battery wall, that you can purchase outright or DIY, solar roadways and more. Lose the grid and it's game changer.

  • Thenever

    Peter Joseph has a lot of good ideas. But, I can´t help but wonder. When this system becomes corrupt, as all systems are prone to… What then? When we all have a standard of living check that, doesn´t cover everything? And the people at the top share too much for themselves? What then? When special favors are done for friends and colleges because people are tribal… What then? When because of said corruption the people on top decide to censor those below them to keep others uninformed? When innovation is stifled because everybody is comfortable and aren´t motivated? When because of such comforts nobody bothers to inform themselves and, instead choses escapism and, entertainment to fill their lives? How will it work then? When they can´t fight back because they don´t know how anymore, what then? Just like now, the future, will be full of flawed human beings who, will not take responsibility for their own future. And a future of human beings with low motivation because of comfort, will not make for civic minded or, responsible people. Jus sayin.

  • toby G

    What about the fact that Islamic people  will out number European and North American people in the next 25 to 100 years? On our Continents.

  • McZidanne

    We're just gonna jump to a commercial so consumerism can support us while we bash it again right after the break.

  • Awakening to oneness

    The best guest you've ever had.

  • Paulo Henrique S. Goes

    Shameful interview. Can't hear Peter Joseph's utopia any longer. Thumbs down.

  • GeorgeTheThrid

    Somehow I am hungry, more than I was before viewing this episode. Golden arches seem trivial rather than the taste of a big mac to me… Why am I feeling this way?

  • Storm Gooner

    I finally got to watch zeitgeist, although I found it very interesting, I wonder where Mr Joseph got that Horus was born on 25th December. Seems like not a lot of research was made for the first part.  Never the less the rest was interesting.