George Carlin with Bill Maher First Interview

Aired March 12th 2004
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  • nexttvmarketing

    kind of sad that the guests on the show are so uninformed they dont know the weapons came from Boston supplied to the iraqis when the usa supported saddamm fighting iran…

  • James Prowse

    Lacrosse is Canada's national sport, not hockey. Kudos to Mrs. Campbell for being classy enough to not interrupt and correct Mr. Maher on his ignorance.

  • Matt Orfalea

    8:00 says most evil is caused by religion…but is it? Seems humans are susceptible to acting evil using ANY powerful institution (governments, multi-national corporations…) Not just religious.

  • Jacob Bassett

    Wow Kim Campbell is awesome.

  • Maximillian Excaliber

    Why do we call it 'cursing'? Who is being cursed? Why are they being cursed?

  • 0 0

    forcing Demcorruptcy down peoples throats…..but…but the U.S. installed Saddam Hussein.

  • cemented

    Bill thinks in stereotypes. That's great for talk shows.

  • spudnic88

    Saudi Arabian and Turkish governments need to be exterminated

  • complexadaptive

    Kim Camp;bell is awesome as well, as a Canadian she governed our country well, this is a great panel,

  • motanelustelistu

    4:06 "Oblique way of people who advise" … What ?
    Is it his pseudo-intelectual way of saying "with half of mouth" ?

  • motanelustelistu

    10:40 And that is HOW THEY SHOULD BE.Everything there has self-destroyed and got extremely worse since then.

  • motanelustelistu

    Bush has to take reponsability and be punished for it.BURN THE WHOLE FAMILY DOWN.
    The human specie will thank you.

  • motanelustelistu

    3:48 That's UK,where etic,morality and other things that in the eyes of us are "diseases" still exist.What does she expect in a cess pool full of IMBECILES like us ?