George Carlin – Top 20 Moments (Part 1 of 4)

George Carlin uses his unmatched knowledge of the English language to tell it like it is, focusing on religion, politics, and well, things that just piss him off.

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  • Chris Ramirez

    I'm a Christian and totally believe in God but I gotta admit Carlin is the all time funniest comedian I ever heard

  • Martin Luke Burns

    what a star, a genius, if I m tired and a bit down, he just cracks me up everytime

  • Karl Zentz

    lol I'm poor and love golf

  • joshua2585

    was George Carlin the first to do this kind of act or something? i don't get why is considered a legend. what am i missing?

  • Angus McBastard

    apologist, popularist BS…but gifted at delivering it thats for sure

  • Niiggle

    he dead yet

  • Shlomit Cnaan

    “ .So, the good news is, I got him down to ten. The bad news is, adultery’s in”

  • Drewbii

    His politics are a bit wacky, but he has a gift for phrasing.

  • Mike Krzykowski

    The only deceased public figure I truly miss like family

  • Cat Osullivan

    Timeless genius


    what a man!

  • Marc Landry

    a true genius

  • Pookie Pookster


  • ghostb64

    "Its like watching flies fuck!" best line

  • Dale Wise

    I wonder how this same joke is going in Hell at the moment?

  • Thisnamedoesntfi

    Somehow I cant listen to him without thinking of Thomas the Tank Engine

  • brave cam

    the world is stupid

  • Adam Esterle

    I think George Carlin is hilarious

    But he thinks he's witty reducing the 10 commandments to 2.
    But Jesus and Paul did that first and better: "(paraphrase) All commandments summed up as 'Love your neighbor as yourself'"

    In general, his religious/philosophical jokes are hilarious, but I hope he didn't hold to them. They wouldn't hold water with anyone half-way intelligent. But he is a comedian and not a philosopher after all.

  • Bidoof

    I appreciate George Carlin's messages, but I think he does a bit too much preaching and a bit too little comedy. Whenever there's a funny comedian nowadays people say "oh he's the next Carlin", but Carlin just isn't that funny to me. I know that's not a popular opinion, but whatever.