George Carlin – Saving the Planet

George Carlin – Saving the Planet
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  • Joseph Lawhorn

    What special is this from?

  • MrJohnnyDistortion

    We could all learn allot from his wisdom.

  • Frederico Mira

    Love this fucking guy

  • David Cozar


  • Admiralty86

    It's funny until we're the species that goes extinct, i'd rather we go to the planets and stars.

  • U can’t fake dermal ridges

    The planet is fine…THE PEOPLE ARE FUCKED…so true…

  • JustusCows

    To be honest, cutting down trees for large skyscrapers seems like a fair trade to me. Have you seen how many trees there are in nature? a few thousand is like picking off 16 of your own hair strands and calling it a crisis.

  • Juliano Augusto

    Holy shit, that ending always moves me.

  • mamaood

    "Plastic!… Ass*oles!!"
    😀 😀 :D

  • Smudgerwoodenproductions 24

    Thomas the tank engine brought me here XD

  • Andrew Budd

    A fucking genius.

  • Johnny Utah

    I kind've feel sorry for him. He has spent a lot of his life talking about how bad things are. Maybe negativity is his positivity, I don't know. It just seems to me that telling people how bad things are for so many years can be unhealthy, I don't know.

  • John Armenian

    Mentions the Armenian earthquake very intelligent man

  • sparkss4

    How old was he here? His stamina is unbelievable…

  • Dan Whitehead

    so beautiful. work of art, masterpiece.

  • Mike Miller

    the planet will shake us off like a flea, that's true

  • Jerry Dodge

    Either YouTube is experiencing some data loss with that last little bit about the big electron, where the audio seems to skip when he's describing it, or someone has deliberately removed a word out of the audio. A word they didn't want us to hear. Conspiracy? Might be.