George Carlin on Fat People

*UNCENSORED* George Carlin Talks About Fat People

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  • TyAnthony 26


  • Liz G

    I wish he was still alive so he could tear apart safe spaces.

  • Marcia Barlow

    This monologue makes me feel sad. He insults many people. Usually I find Carlin funny, but this comment on overweight people, no. Not at all funny. Just mean.

  • Nikitoz9595

    I was in America once and I noticed that it's either fat people or very slim, athletic people. I think fat people are mostly poor. People with money can afford gyms. I've never seen so many fat and slim people in one place at once :D

  • John Rooney

    On another note, the same nation of half wits are voting for a nitwit celebrity and a criminal for their president……

  • Andrew Budd

    and now, we have stupid sweaty fat fucks hunched over and taking pictures of their garbage meals they eat on the stupid redundant personal computers that we now call phones, and then thinking that they need a quarter inch bigger screen soon.

  • The Consumist

    Holy shit this man's a comedic fucking genius!!

  • Sager

    Fat people somehow justify their situation and health

  • Dávid Kuruc

    God damn it he looks in this video like Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad lol

  • Дмирий Кончаков

    It seems to me that you're lucky men. I live in Russia which has more serious problems.

  • D Miller

    Putting citizens on blast. Laughing at George offending someone. Eventually, he would circle back around and say something to offend me, while I'm laughing lmfao.

  • Chris Taylor

    We have great comedians here in the UK, but they don't need to swear to get Laughs