George Carlin – New Jersey (Audio Only)

George Carlin - New Jersey (Audio Only)

Gather round folks George is speaking. Enjoy!

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  • Badboy69 Jr.

    R.I.P George Carlin

  • Krayzable

    What year is this from?

  • Will Wilder

    This is great but, it's better when you can see him. He was so funny. You don't have to just listen to this. You could watch it! This was recorded for television. This album came later.

  • nothing dotdlmsc

    haven't heard this one yet and haven't laughed so hard that i almost pass out and my stomach hurts in a long time

  • Saint Lucifer

    THE MAN!

  • Saint Lucifer

    this man is the man!

  • Old Fart

    George Carlin made more sense than preacher or politician in world history.

  • Bob Gustin


  • Robert Machulla

    Miss you everyday. Thanks for everything, maybe it's best you didn't see the shit that we're stuck with now since you've been gone

  • Basil Dwight

    19:20 I'm very seriously thinking of buying a Mickey Mouse watch just so I can use this line.

  • Basil Dwight

    Damn, this is just perfect.

  • deepelements

    Really do miss George.

  • read2018341302

    I love how he predicts the future

  • Jpm King

    it never ceases to amaze me at how the american people can ignore all the problems with their government