George Carlin – Euphemisms

In the age when torture has become “enhanced interrogation techniques”; when the rich are “job creators”; when murdered children are “collateral damage”; it is good to remember these brilliant words from the late, great, George Carlin.

It is also good to remember that the phrase “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” has now been officially changed in American English to “PTSD”, a totally lifeless non-threatening acronym, totally devoid of even pity and with an almost whiny feel to it.
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  • Ansh Grover

    damnit come back george. We need you

  • Jose Pena

    one of the greatest men who ever lived. he spoke my language

  • Timothy Jones

    I hate to get near the idea of irony. Hate it hate it hate it. But at the end there he was looking exactly like how I think of Don Quixote. Sigh. Somebody should play the character like that, not dreamy, but as an excruciatingly specific chatter box who never got things right.


    RIP George, For you are Sadly missed by all of your Fans.?He was a Comic, Genius. Taken away from the World,? Much to soon.?

  • Gabriel Reinfalke

    This guy is a philosopher. Not an entertainer.

  • marc wall

    funny and true Mr Carlin SUPERB

  • David Phillips

    Toilet Paper = Azz Wipe

  • CButtonshaw

    Sad that he became negatively living

  • zlozel

    this is pure gold

  • shaman mc

    I love George. It doesn't matter how shitty things get. Just pop on some Mr. Carlin, and your sure to be feeling much, much better. God bless and rest your soul, you have no idea how much what you did changed and will continue to change this world for the better. Thank you fine sir, thank you very much.

  • sarin royce

    shell shock is such an outdated term, so is battle fatigue. soldiers aren't the only people who are traumatized, that's why they changed it. they learned that this condition can be experienced after ANY traumatic event. post…..traumatic…..stress….disorder. A rape victim can have ptsd. What, you wanna tell her shes shell shocked? Think about it.

  • Don Dappa

    what a legend