George Carlin – Death Penalty

George Carlin talks about the death penalty, i didn’t see this one up so i thought i might upload it ;] If you like Geroge Carlin, you might want to check out Bill Hicks aswell.

Taken from his ‘Back in Town’ special in 1996

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  • Pontus Brylander

    watching this video and reading the comments i have decided.. never visiting the united states.

  • Lee Anne L

    I love this man!

  • Liam productions

    that WTC comment is just to freaky…

  • Alex Rajcevic

    I wish he was a president!!

  • Alex Rajcevic

    this is the bravest and funniest man that ever lived … I will never forget him

  • Ted L.

    Too bad Carlin didn't live a bit longer, he would have seen his crazy fever dream come true as ISIS brought us beheadings and crucifixions on TV & the web.

  • fogel76

    Love the energy

  • Zelousmarineinspace

    So basically…
    Let's do a Running Man?

  • temo149

    jajajajajajajajajajaja, too bad he is not with us anymore, if he would've been running for president ,I would've vote for him not doubt about it

  • yotober

    get outta here, I gotcha

  • Charles The Handsome and Brave

    George carlin just invented purging