George Carlin About Rape

George Carlin talking about rape in his show “Doin’ It Again”
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  • Insert Name

    "They have bigger dicks? Bomb them!" Shouldn't that make Japan the most violent country on earth?

  • gregg mikulla

    Man I forgot how ahead of his time he was. He's talking about SJWs in 1990

  • Ben Funk

    If he were still alive today, I would love to hear his thoughts on SJWs and this whole trigger warning/safe space bullshit.

  • FrozenHaka

    We really need George now a days :/

  • tobo86

    Here's an unusual thought. A feminist telling 'The Aristocrats' joke. How would that go down?!


    1,724 SJW's disliked this video

  • Ssantiana Siberová

    men, male just ruin everything :D

  • Jesse Booth

    Damn we need George Carlin today…

  • goodeldash

    "Come back here and fight like a person!" HAHAHAHA

  • Kolp Lako

    He reminds me of Hopsin

  • Wonder Bread

    It's hilarious how many people who love carlin bash on feminism and black lives matter, everything he stood for was quite literally in support of what they believe in and fight for.

  • Randy Savage

    this man was the best

  • Crud O’Matic

    Try a vagina-shaped rocket… clits have hella airdrag

  • VGM Pathfinder

    "It doesn't take alot of imagination to piss off a feminist"

    It SURE doesn't! *Looks at Anita Sarkeesian*

  • Adam

    I love George and his points, but I think sometimes he goes too far

  • Logic Time

    At the beginning when he made jokes about rape, it was funny. Then he went full political and blathered about stay-at-home moms and career women, the whole video became stupid. Housewives made a choice to raise their kids, why will anyone bash them for that?