George Carlin – 7 dirty words (best part)

George Carlin - 7 dirty words (best part)

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  • Dillon Larche

    Who else is here because the game grumps have a hard on for George carlin

  • ultra Adrestia

    all great comedians have to be great philosophers. r.i.p

  • sleepsurfsex

    that 70s show anyone?

  • Goctagon

    Now I know where Blink-182's Family Reunion comes from. Haha

  • Mobin92

    But "tits" are just 2 birds. Wouldn't that fall into the same category as "bitch" ?

  • monkfistlust

    Classic ! Dam motherfuker….was fuken..brilliant!

  • Turtle Person

    tit isnt "filthy" though, its also a bird

  • Jonathan Torres

    He got arrested for saying these 7 diry words. How times change

  • RandomsDeagled

    well we know this video wont be monetized…

  • Lori Candido

    Thanks to this man, when I need to swear but I can't, I say GEORGE CARLIN instead.

  • branden abrego


  • IncognitoGuido

    "That's the bitch that let Harambe get shot because she is a fucking bullshit mother!" Is what I would have used, personally…

  • Samuel Bernstein (beefcake311)

    In the words of George Carlin:
    It's suggestive as hell ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • CommanderGuy

    didnt he get arrested for this?? not saying george did anything wrong.

  • Convoluted Chaos

    shit, piss, cock, motherfucker, tits, bollocks, wank, groove gunge, hairy habit, angry asshole, curious cleavage, frustrated fuck is all i gotta say.

  • rahn45

    People's lists these days is the entire English dictionary, oh and simply existing. Everything triggers people.

  • Science Hoe

    Somebody's gotta remix this shit

  • KurtTheDweeb

    How the times has changed