Freedom is Tyranny? Stefan Molyneux Debates StormCloudsGathering

Stefan Molyneux debates StormCloudsGathering on the perceived limitations of anarcho-capitalism. Including pre-debate analysis, post-debate analysis and a followup regarding the accusations at the end of the debate.

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  • moist faucet

    Having Politician or Religion, is living with Overlord or Tyrant.

  • Jen Werner

    Stefan your sarcasm, rudeness and condescending nature show. StormcloudsGatherinng was extremely polite and you were a jerk.

  • Lukáš Dohnal

    Stefan is right in saying that competition between security companies would take care of corruption, but that applies only if there wasn't a government, that would shuffle the companies around to shelter them, based on a reciprocal relationship between the protected companies and the state. … If there was a truly free decentralized society, then I think there is no reason to think that the competition would not take care of the problem by itself.

    Anyhow, I am stupid and I don't understand the topic and I am sleep deprived, so I might as well be bullshiting on this one.

  • Kevin Allen

    That is what is called a very poorly run interview. I ended it at 19:10. Storm Clouds Gathering did a complete diservice to the listeners. Is he going to ask a question and allow an answer or do a monologue?

  • Andrew Bethel (Don’tFeedtheTrolls)

    Seriously man, within just a couple of minutes talking to Neil Kiernan you had his mea culpa, the rest of this was you just crying like a 12 year old for… reasons…

  • Johnny Dangerously

    Stefan, you obviously have an agenda. He was making points and you would cleverly act as though you don't get the points he is making, jump subject, and other such hide and seek tactics.
    I am against the state, but as long as we have money and ownership rights people will still be enslaved. You talk about the land owners wanting people to use their roads, malls, and such things, but that is not everyone and leaves out vital things. Such as if people just want to live where can they do that if all the land is owned already. You have to make deals that you have no leverage in, or slave away to someone who owns the land in order to simply have a place to live. it is ridiculous.

  • Trent Sluiter

    you destroyed the kid and gained my respect…but then lost it a bit when you were whining about the whole light bulb doc situation. IMO I think it would have been better to just say "I never watched the doc or said I watched the doc, if there is any information you can provide to validate your claim then lets see it, otherwise I'm moving on" Goating someone to recant their comments is entering the territory of pettiness and splitting hairs. Your validity came from how you destroyed the debate and he lost all credibility anyways. Just my 2 cents.

  • Ali Eser

    I love you Molyneux

  • Alvaro Jg

    Why did they start debating about the stateless society and end up talking about a light bulb?

  • Natusake

    So yeah, the lightblub thing the guy was talking about isn't an example of free market capitalism gone wrong because the oligopolies he was talking about were a cartel of light companies that used government coercion to keep competitors from cropping up.

  • babelnumber5

    I haven't seen much of scg lately but I am pretty surprised at his ineptitude. the second guy Stefan is talking to is not any better hardly. he simply can't admit that he fucked up and drew a false conclusion. why is that so hard?

  • Deus Princeps

    Dear god this guy's an idiot. What an ideological lunatic, openly denying reality in order to serve his agenda. Stef, you destroyed him.

  • codergames

    I'm quite disappointed in Stefan on this one 🙁 … welfare, public schools, healthcare for poor people, is all there to keep poor occupied and busy and not throwing stones and beating up rich and elite people. And Stefan is talking mostly about middle class. Sure, rich throw bones here and there, like food stamps and cheap tech, so poor people can eat poisonous junk for free and watch crappy movies and tv shows, but rich don't really care about poor, they just don't want poor to organize themselves and riot in larger numbers. Unfortunately, Stefan won the debate :(

  • SupaNami

    This guy is retarded!! Really… and yes, it's an argument!!!

  • Liberty Under Attack

    SCG should have done a bit more research on anarcho-capitalism before challenging Stefan. He's clueless. So cringeworthy.

  • Paladyn Blade

    links to Stef material about documentry pls

  • Michael Arsenault

    If I were to discuss "society." I'd have to know if I'm discussing a society of 1000 people or a society of 300,000,000 people. For example security concerns over a nation is different then security concerns in a neighbourhood.