Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told

Sources transcript and bonus clips: stormcloudsgathering.com/flight-mh17-what-youre-not-being-told

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  • Matt Marriott

    All fake: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed over Ukraine = Boston Marathon bombings: "Putin" in the MAIN role to convince the audience that these are real events.
    WHY it was staged:
    end-times-reductionism.blogspot. /2014/07/

  • Steenk

    Moscow is a lie factory.

    This is what's known as 'muddying the waters'. The Kremlin introduces multiple narratives to 'explain' the terror attack against MH17 all of which contradict one another: it was a 'Ukrainian jet'; it was a plane filled with corpses; it was an attempt to attack Putin's plane; it was a missile fired from Ukraine; it was Santa Claus in a flying sledge armed with state-of-the-art air-to-air missiles… (I made the last one up, did you notice?)

    There is only one truth: BUK operators from the Russian 53rd Brigade from Kursk shot down the passenger plane having mistaken it for a Ukrainian transport plane. The Russian media and the terrorist commander Igor Strelkov (Gurkin) even boasted about how they had shot down the 'bird' minutes after they did it.

    The Russians lie because they are liars. They are already in a vast hole but they just keep on digging ('We have nukes, Western colleagues!'). The hole has become a vast abyss and it threatens to swallow up Russia and other countries. Putin is a chauvinistic madman who must be stopped.

  • Robert Cathcart

    For those interested in what happened to TWA800 see if you can pass the IQ test— watch STS48 Kasher analysis then think carefully about what happened to TWA800.

  • Robert Cathcart

    When the sheenies did 911, mh370 amd mh17 this is what they also did– (1) expired their holocaust free pass and honorary white status (2) revealed to the world that jewry is a psychopathic criminal organization disguised as a religion (3) revealed to the world that America is a militarist junta banana republic and a colonial possession of Israel.

  • Richard Pletcher

    Please update this video

  • Question MK-Question

    Whatever happened to SCG; Did he quit, Silenced or get Bought off/Sell out? Just wondering

  • yo lo

    What there not telling us was that there were aid researchers and doctors in that plane about to talk at a convention about aids

  • Putin is a Fascist

    Putin is a bloodthirsty fascist that murders innocent children going on holiday with their families. He invades his weakest neighbors like a cowardly Nazi. He drugs up his athlete to make them cheat in sports. Russia is a doomed waste of space.

  • Human Rights

    SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP RUSSIAN MASS MURDER OF CHILDREN IN SYRIA secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/protect_syrian_civilians_loc/

  • Human Rights

    SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP RUSSIAN TERROR IN SYRIA secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/protect_syrian_civilians_loc/

  • Olliver Tjon Soei Len

    This story about Odessa massacre isn't covered. But we should make western media covering it, by getting access into western media's machines, texts and page. We should make an message where to make them cover war crimes comityed by the Kiev-regime. So, we need regime change in Ukraine, not in Syria.

  • Steenk

    The Russian state is a terror state.

    Forget about the Moscow remote-controlled 'separatists'. MH17 was shot down by Russian soldiers (the 53rd Brigade based in Kursk, to be precise). Ask yourself why Putin would let some local Donbas grunts operate a 100-million-dollar piece of equipment…

    Operating a BUK missile launcher takes training and expertise, something no 'miner' or 'tractor driver' is capable of.

  • ssmusic214

    It was diabolical conspiracy operation by CIA, MI6, Mossad, Illuminati, International Jewish bankers, etc…….!
    They planted case of Vodka for the Russian missile battery crew and got them so drunk that they shot down the wrong plane.

  • robert alexander ho

    ASHTON is with the EU, cant trust her.

  • robert alexander ho

    Shows what the NWO stands for and can be good but extreme evil….

  • robert alexander ho

    Yemen playbook….outrageous.

  • Vladimir Vikovan

    OMG, author, are you insane? If you don't trust US government but trust every word Russian government says, you must be. Truth will never be needed for likes of you.. you have your own little one you want to believe in.. did it ever cross your mind that truth is actually that, what you are being told?

  • Yrkelo Volrand

    What you're not being told is that the piece-of-junk commission of Amsterdam dopesmokers has the prime suspect of the shootdown – Ukraine – on the investigation board! How's that for "Fair and Balanced"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Just Peace

    The ugly truth is now 100% proven: Russia is GUILTY of 298 civilian people death.
    Russians are once again so badly fooled by own government.

  • Andrey Ares

    It not been told because it's a bullshit.