False Flag Terror and Revolution: An Instruction Manual w/ StormCloudsGathering

In today’s live show, Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews guest StormCloudsGathering on the historical aspects of false flag terror, group psychology and instructions for revolution.

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  • Ronald Reagan (The Best Prez Ever)

    4:00 so true

  • CHAS1422

    You keep telling me to "wake up". When I do wake up, I drink a cup of coffee, I don't drink a cup of conspiracy diarrhea.

  • Peter S. López (Che Petá)

    ▶ False Flag Terror and Revolution: An Instruction Manual w/ StormCloudsGathering:
    False Flag Terror and Revolution: An Instruction Manual w/ StormCloudsGathering
    ~Streamed live Aug 13, 2013
    Comment: This came out awhile back but is still relevant. For sure we are dealing with a dumbed-down passive population here now inside the USA. We just want to make folks more aware. We do not want to fear-monger like @therealalexjone does in his rants. Just educate and protect yourselves. Be cool.

    We need to have a calm, centered and composed minds in order to deal with whatever comes up in the future. Be prepared. It is a matter of working on our personal Spritual Growth as we strive for Global Liberation. Be practical and realistic. We are reaching a critical mass of 15+% in order to have a chance at toppling the Empire in real life. Keep learning and sharing.

    Whatever happens we must protect our #Internet Powers and grasp our common basic needs for survival. Be one family of humanity.
    via Peter S. López ‏@Peta_de_Aztlan

  • Rene Gonzalez

    You did not mention Jesse Ventura running for 2016 as a third party. He's been pushing for a revolution as much as any StormCloudsGathering viewer out there and his running for 2016, he has a lot of support and traction from people 

  • The Joker 10259

    I want to see SCG's face.