Ep. 478 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Peter Joseph: Zeitgeist Film LIVE

Peter Joseph is the creator and director of the Zeitgeist films…and tonight we have a very special presentation with Peter as he opens up and tells us how he created the film, the Zeitgeist Movement…our current economic system and what it will take to make the changes needed to create a world that will succeed before destroying itself from within.

Jon Rappoport opens the show with his No More Fake News Room.

Air date: June 23, 2016

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  • Jerry Beck

    Great stuff. Peter Joseph is a great mind. You gotta love the fact that he thought you meant V8 the vegetable drink, and not V8 the automobile engine lol

  • Mads Max

    Keep the knowledge flowing till the end. Great interview!

  • Missy V

    great interview! I never fail to learn something or get cerebrally stimulated when Peter Joseph is the ..

  • matsutakneatche

    Trump is a godsend in the sense, that the hype that is surrounding him, if elected, (perhaps) the population will really awaken to the broken system after NOTHING changes, I don't even hate Trump, but he will not change a fucking thing – so hopefully he will fuel a paradigm shift- or not- I am not optimistic in any way,

  • Aurinkohirvi

    Thanks again, Jon, that was really illuminating! Them medical hoaxers are massmurderers.

  • IvanZeternity

    Where is this radio show based out of? Never heard of it.

  • EroomYrrah

    Peter has done a lot to bring to light, primarily among the young, what many of the ''old white bred ed' were trying to tell their parents back in the 60's….but they weren't listening back then. Too much war, drugs and entertainment. HMMM.

  • coilltin

    I wonder what P.Joseph thinks ofthe 'stronger higher faster' ethos with athletes

  • 1walicki

    Yes! I've watched Zeitgeist 2011 Moving Forward 100+ times I still watch it on Netflix too

  • Mark Heath

    Does the zeitgeist movement still exist or has it pretty much died off?

  • Chris Volden

    Wait. He wants to keep his V8 engine, right? I think Peter was talking about V8 Juice..

  • WeveNever BeenAlone

    Fantastic interview.

  • zd opera

    try to get an interview with DR JILL STEIN the green party candidate for presidential elections

  • SC Starr

    Disagree with Mr. Joseph's view on Unions, but over-all agree with most of the points he made. thx for the upload.  OH yea and, when I hear the word conspiracy, I now associate it with the word Truth but that's just me;)