Editing Sam Harris

let’s do this.
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  • irishpugwtf

    Devon gonna bang jaclyn?

  • Zulu Dawn

    Christopher Hitchen disliked Hillary Clinton. take heed.

  • Profanus Scepticus

    who dares call during a stream where Jaclyn Glenn is eating her own words

  • Profanus Scepticus

    get livestream going, im too cheap to pay for my own Internet Ladies

  • markus h

    All Ive got to say is that Devon is the only otherwise rational Youtuber (to my knowledge) in support of Shillary.

    I have seen no other.

  • Islet of Langerhans

    Cool, more cam girls.

  • lordcase

    robert rodriguez

  • Johannes Gutenburg

    You two gonna fuck?

  • Jack Grattan

    "Star Wars is racist". – Melissa Harris-Perry.

  • Zulu Dawn

    a vote for Clinton is a vote for war with Russia.

  • NSA Surveillance Subject #A314Z159

    "I am not as ADVERSE to this woman as you might think" … smh … I am pretty sure you know better than this sentence might indicate, but to be helpful I will point out — you are averse to Trump supporters and you hope banning them has an adverse effect on their proximity to your channel.

  • Andy VB

    She wasn't just black, she was also a hijabi.

  • NSA Surveillance Subject #A314Z159

    Point of order: If I am banned from one channel (AiU), am I banned from them all (AiU2, AiU3, etc.)?

  • Eric Escudero

    Hahaha I always have to spellcheck ecstasy too! I never know how to spell it correctly the first time