Donald Trump vs Russell Brand – Trew World Order Tour

Donald Trump vs Russell Brand - Trew World Order Tour

Donald Trump VS Russell Brand

Two entertainers take swings at each other in Russell’s latest Comedy Special. Hilarious!
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  • Jelena Gross

    fuck u

  • Hat Thomas

    I'm a huge Brand fan. The man is wise far beyond his years, has an astute, unflinching, unyielding, razor-sharp view of reality….but his fashion sense, at least in this show, is awful. Those pants are tragic.

  • Anna T


  • Dave Lister

    This is rather fucking funny ! yes tinny is bad you cunt ! Can't watch this for the bad audio !

  • Karl Hungus

    This guy tries too hard.

  • Saturnian Itch

    sooo fake ! Russell calling Trump asking him, if he could do a little video commenting on him.. "Donald, we're both gonna profit! And you'll have a laughter! Promise!"
    …let's trump the fans and get our brands' to the next level, right? ……

  • joe hamner

    Hillary got you in her pocket to Brand pfft.

  • AZ Battle School

    where can we go to see the rest of this. Thank you

  • Ged Rooney

    Two sides of the same coin- Brand and Trump. Its hard to decide whom I detest the most.

  • Patt SKS

    Donald Trump wants to fuck Katie Perry, well so do I, rather than hearing her sing anyway.

  • Rion Clark

    Russell Brand your not a revolution he is a revelation.

  • lost94133

    this lib has no idea what the hell he's talking about no matter how articulate you think he is liberalism doesn't work never has never will. it always gets to top heavy with all the fuckin free programs for this bunch or that
    and let's ppl from 3rd world countries flood into any country ruins that country without question god bless England for standing up to these globalist bastard's

  • John K

    Russell we have seen your Trump videos now lets have some fun with the Globalist Clinton. you must have a whole library on that twit. keep up the good work. fighting the good fight.

  • stangeriam

    Amazing people have not figured out that ANYBODY in media, Hollywood etc etc, that is smeared everywhere
    is a stooge.. yesssss, Brand is Fabian society connected.. They are all distraction tools AND made to divide us all..
    wtf up

  • Tim g star Mills tech

    I just don't think this really helps anything apart from feed your ego sir

  • Moshe Atencio Ben EL SHADDIA Atencio

    John Miller said Trump The BIG DUMP failed Trump University. How you ask? He used his gifted brain!!!