Donald Trump Is A Joke – Period | Russell Brand The Trews (E363)

Whether it’s questioning whether female hosts are menstruating or calling Mexicans rapists, Donald Trump’s idiocy knows no bounds.

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  • Luke Luke

    0:07 Well as of October 9 2016, there is a high chance that trump will own america. I mean i hope it won't impact us Australians that much

  • Unapologetic Pagan

    Oh just shit up you fucking tea biscuit. stick to pathetic method acting

  • dubstepParadox


  • dubstepParadox

    russell brand can you message me I have a question for yo

  • Gregory Paul

    I'm on board the trews truth train Russell,,,but as you have pointed out very often the mainstream media is not being honest and are being controlled by corporations,,,and as you've pointed out many times politicians are liars and in the pockets of corporate interests,,,so i ask you,,,what makes you so sure Trump is bad,,,he says the media lies,,,he says politicians are corrupt,,,he says the elections are rigged,,,he says the system is rigged,,,i've listened to you say the same things,,,thats why i'm a fan of yours. Hillary Clinton is a Wall St. whore,,,she lies with almost every breath she takes,,,shes a total corporate sellout and status quo establishment stooge!!!  I simply cannot vote for her,,,,

  • DrJams


  • Shaine MacDonald

    If Trump becomes president you better not quit the Trews!

  • Carmencita Tirado

    I'm confused. Did Russell just make this channel today? Because it's only one million subscribers…. He should have more.

  • Cyber Crusader

    Who is legitimately getting their news from a heroin addict?

  • Hensbinator

    "She asks me all sorts or ridiculous questions"

    Like what?

    "How are you in any way fit to lead this country?"

    Don't suppose you would have an answer for that though

  • tama yeager gibson

    I knew I could count on you to make me laugh at a reality that makes me cringe and cry. thanks again!

  • Helix

    Russel I love you man. And I'm a guy. And I'm straight. But I still love you mate. Good work.

  • Butter Cups

    I don't want to be American right now….(hard face slap)

  • insecurity intensifies

    Russell Brand doing Tony Clifton doing Donald Trump.

  • ALex-X experience 2.he is a racist cunt 3.he will deport your ass! sad but true 4.he is a potential warmonger, i have this feeling that he will start the nuclear war to wipeout the entire planet 5.if you guys vote for him we are all fucked

  • Kelsey Gonzalez

    I miss the Trews and would love to hear your updated opinion on Trump. goes and pulls hair out

  • Vladimir Noel

    I want to see this man . cause he talking about the truth

  • Kamal Bakhat

    "Whether it’s questioning whether female hosts are menstruating or
    calling Mexicans rapists, Donald Trump’s idiocy knows no bounds." You are so right Russell ..thumbs for such a cool video

  • Ziggy 101

    Anonymous is the people for the people, Wikileaks is for truth. If Anonymous and Wikileaks are against Hillary, I am against Hillary. I am part of the people and I am for Truth

  • Gary Francis

    As someone said on question time Donald Trump is a joke. But so was George W Bush and he became president,