Doctor’s shocking recommendation about drinking Milk!

Clip taken from the documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.
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  • fails awkward

    I have no problem giving up on milk but what do we do about pizza man? :(

  • ShepTheSage 00
  • Marlena VanHelsing


  • Alpaca Puddin

    I don't really care for what this man has to say, but his voice is relaxing and that's why I watch this video.

  • Jules V

    grow up and stop breast feeding especially from another innocent species

  • ry sky

    Does this mean i should stop drinking milk? XD

  • Conor Ronayne

    Baby calf growth fluid.
    Chicken period.
    Bee vomit.
    Dead body.


    What will you put in your body today?

  • Jonathan Moriwaki marine

    what if u were to drink soy or almond milk are there any bad stuff in there

  • Floyd Palmer

    Saying you shouldn't eat dairy products because you aren't a calf is like saying you shouldn't swim because you aren't a fish.

  • Laurie Powell

    It is morally wrong to artificially ejaculate bulls, artificially inseminate cows, take their babies at birth to steal the milk their bodies produced for their babies, and repeat until their deaths. The separation is as distressing for them as it would be for human mother and her newborn. Watch a video of a cow crying and fighting to get her baby back. Just because we've been drinking the milk of another specie's mother since the herding culture began about 10,000 years ago does not make it right or healthy. We've had human slaves for a longer time period than that and that practice is now considered morally wrong. We can get all the nutrients we need from sources that do not inflicting cruelty and harm upon others. Let's exercise compassion and justice for all beings we share this Earth with, and stop breeding animals only to be used as human resources and killed prematurely.

  • phroz

    The more I listen to this old coot, the more of a retard he seems to be. People have been cultivating and drinking cow's milk since we started keeping them as livestock. The real problem is not with the milk, it's the growth hormones that companies use for their cattle to keep up with demand. I'm shocked he didn't even mention this. There's absolutely nothing wrong with cow's milk aside from its high fat and calorie content. 1-3 cups a day should suffice on ANY diet. It's jam packed full of nutrients and this "doctor" seems to be forgetting something called colostrum. Colostrum should be reserved for young animals only, as it contains specific growth hormones not reserved for grown humans. Research does not specifically correlate adverse effects of colostrum but it would serve no purpose in a fully grown male. In the power lifting world, it's all hype and little proven results. I have a degree in sports medicine and we actually use science to determine the health effects of stuff like milk. Hear that, doc? Science, not unfounded, unsupported opinions. If milk was indeed that bad for adult humans to consume, the USDA would cite adverse effects with a warning label. As it stands, it's the unnatural growth hormones (non organic) that you should be worried about, NOT milk itself. Don't listen to this crackpot. Who the fuck ever cites this asshole anyway?

  • Deandre Adams

    I'm really starting to think ppl have brains for nothing. I will leave you all with a story. In HS, I had a associate from Belize. He told me when he came here he couldn't eat anything dairy wise. Pizza over in his place of birth, never had a prob with it. First day in the US, grabs a slice of pizza, starts to feel lethargic, stomach torn up & all. I said don't you guys drink the same milk. He said I don't think so, Idk. I said what type of cows do you have? The black & white one right. He says no the ones we have back home are all brown and have horns. Now mind you, i didn't know anything about different varieties of animals etc. i thought there was just one cow. I was taken back. Later on that day after getting out of school, i did some research and then it hit me like a brick….BAM!!! I was shocked by what i found. Most modern day cows are hybrids and have been cross bred. On top of that you are fortifying the milk with vitamin D which isn't necessary. And if you know anything about synthetic vitamins, the body doesn't know how to properly digest them, because well…their fake. So the next day, I asked the man, do you guys add vitamin D to your milk. He says and i quote " no, we just milk the cow, jar it and drink it. In so many words this man in his homeland was drinking the purest of milk. No pesticides, hormones, etc from an non hybridized original cow with no vitamin D added to it. from that point on I knew what the deal was. The milk most drink or have drank in the US is just a byproduct of what happens when you tamper with the most high's/creator's creation. Everyone else around the world is enjoying good clean pure milk. There you have it. This man may know what he is talking about in other areas of health but from what I've seen, not regarding dairy nor olive oil.

  • AnCap Roboticist

    That's not even how descriptive I was when I was saying this in highschool.

  • Jarred Pezzullo

    cows growth hormone cant even stimulate human growth hormone receptors, its a different fucking species. And even when its pasturized, 90% of it is destroyed. Everybody stfu without doing any research. Nothing he says actually has any evidence behind it. Yes there is a little bit of estrogen in milk, theres estrogen in heaps of shit

  • Crystal Filgian

    I was a cow in my past life and I am offend. I demand MULK and a formal apaolgoy. #Borntobeacow #spacecows

  • Ray Hepburn

    This guy is a clown, so funny

  • Matt K

    Cows gain most of their weight by eating grass. By his logic, we should all stop eating leafy greens for fear of massive weight gain. Whoops.