Defining Peace – Peter Joseph – The Zeitgeist Movement

Peter Joseph’s 1.5 hour Lecture “Defining Peace” recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • BloodTar

    So, apparently Peter Joseph is nothing more than a bloated social justice warrior.  Pathetic.

  • elchapetas

    why do so few people seem interested in the zeitgeist movement?

  • Corey Grandmaison Archive

    I love everything Peter Joseph put out. Following the threads he has laid out I've learned a lot since 2008. We are slowly building a new world. It's happening in our life time. Will it happen slow enough to not destroy everything and still fast enough to not allow us to destroy everything? This is the center of my meditations. I'll spend my life on this (Helping to create a transition toward a NL economy) and looking back I it will be a life well spent.

  • Worm King

    Defining peace in Apartheid state Israel sort of ironic.

  • Munja

    New Consciousness of Brainwashing!

  • Summondadrummin

    The last quote by Carl Sagan sums up what he said throughout the lecture~the central point is a New Consciousness is a necessity of our era

  • TheWarrior1986

    Let's just cut the bullshit and elect him as world president already..

  • Philosjutsu

    Has this guy even talked to vet before?

  • rivenraven1

    Peter is a Mythbuster of Zeitgeist. Watch this video if you believe the myth humans are innately bad, evil, or violent.

  • BlueEternities

    I believe that once the corporate cabal is removed, this will be one of the primary videos interpreted and displayed to the masses so they can realize just how insane their rationalization and enabling of imperialism was.

  • Skibum Willy

    An inheritance CAP fixes everything in a fair way. see it debated, and visualize the beauty of this one rule tweak we can demand! Anonymous outsider solves the big picture

  • ivan herrera

    Looks like not enough people has seen it, which is bad, needs spreading