“DEFINING PEACE” – Full Lecture | by Peter Joseph | Feb. 6th ’12 | The Zeitgeist Movement

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“DEFINING PEACE”, by Peter Joseph, “ZFest” | Feb. 6th 12 [ The Zeitgeist Movement ] Part 1/2

Peter Joseph’s 1.5 hour Lecture “Defining Peace”; the end segment of the Tel Aviv, Israel / Mid-East TZM Event which occurred on Feb 6th 2012. Amazing Work by TZM Israel; an historical event.

Part 2/2 [ Q&A ] www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_ZgoEynbso

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  • Jared Wright

    Linking this for World Peace Day.

  • Luis Neto

    This is not just for america, this is for the world. We are citizens of our planet and we need to THINK and EXECUTE the VENUS PROJECT developed by JAQUE FRESCO. To keep our world together and stop the racial and religious conflict. Follow a man called PETER JOSEPH father of the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT and please make the world hear your voice we can hope for a better way to live than this one. thanks

  • Ela Lamblin

    This is quite possibly one of the most insightful and important speeches ever given. 

  • todd dyer

    The one thing I take point with, i soldiers are doing something they are taught is noble, and I think when they enter in war, they learn how horrific it is.  I never been in a war o I can not ever really grasp what they go threw. I also will agree war is the dumbest thing we do as humans.  But I also will say, these young people are typically very poor, the service allows them a way to move up, etc..  They are doing something in their minds are noble, because they are offering their life up to their comunity..  I will not disagree we need to focus on the world as one and all.  We are all humans, and this us and them view is stupid.  But you take some naive kid typically under 21, and I was dumb at that age too.. 

    But its the people using war for gain that are the ones to focus on, not the Vets and Soldiers..  Not everyone who is a soldier is perfect or good there are bad indivuals in all area, but the mass of these people are good, are noble, they are just sent in for stupid reason..  Wars in the long run always seem pointless, but we do not care for these vets as a society, 22 kill themselves every day, the mass of new homeless people are vets.  These people have not only the actual trama of being in that war, that effects their mind but may also be injured, dealing with crazy pain due to injuries.  I think you should not look down on these people, they are the poor, and those young people who wish to give back..  They are duked into doing things, in this world for business intersts.. 

    Its like looking at slavery and blaming the slaves, for allow themselves to be used as such, is the same as having really any blame on soldiers or vets.  I think even though you only slightly talked about vets, they do deserve resect as a whole for the trama and pain they gone threw, because they though it was to protect us in this country no matter what the actual reason are.

  • Jerry Eaves

     I like many of the statements and ideas of a perfect world that the Zeitgeist speak of however I also believe in a God and Creator and His Son Jesus Christ. Actually I have also had an experience with His Holy Spirit, so I know of His existence. To say all of this I also believe in the Holy Bible and what it says. If you read in Revelation it talks about in the last days there will rise up a anti-Christ and fool the world that he has all the answers. So I'm a little cautious of the Zeitgeist and maybe Peter Joseph, because the bible says they can fool even the very elect. I also believe that the world will continue on a collision course and come to a very bad ending for many. But I believe that my savior Jesus Christ will come and stop the world as we know it and will rule and defeat Satan and all of his followers. Read Matthew 24th chapter and believe the truth. 

  • Matthew Chaves

    Masterfully articulated assessment of current social and economic corruptions and incompetencies, Peter Joseph gives an unfaltering voice of reason and objective truth to the discontented and oppressed who may not have otherwise found the words and direction inwhich to express their angst.

  • Petes Got (Awesomeness)

    It'll take a lot more than words and guns, a whole lot more than riches and muscle – the hands of the many must join as one, and together, we'll cross the river.

  • Chris Ellam

    to really get this you must understand EVERY word this man says

  • Jeremy Peterson
  • Jeremy Peterson

    2 years later and less than 90K views…Look at Gaza right now. These issues need to be addressed. We can not solve the problem of violence until we understand the root causes.

  • Claudio E. Eusebio Alburquerque

    Un real, given the chance, PETER will change the world, I’m for ones a follower, of what it sounds to me like something so familiar that I knew all this time and just came to life……I can’t wait for the awakening of my generation.  

  • mkgizzle85

    Respectfully I believe you're understanding of the initiation of property might be somewhat skewed.there's more than just the philosophy of john Locke to review and digest to truly understand this necessary but still imposed detrimental assumption to benefit a growing yet self serving elitist zeitgeist.People who are praising private ownership are praising the very philosophy that oppresses them. This is very difficult to see but give it enough study and research also very critical mind set and boom!!!

  • Peter Wilson

    Wow, I watched and absorbed the whole thing.  At the last 2 minutes Mr. Joseph offers the new way—the solution—and I can't wait to finally hear it.  Here it is: World Peace will come from a worldwide movement based "on the immutable common ground we all share as a species which simply says 'No, we are not going to play this game any more'".  Peter Joseph is an EXCELLENT social critic.  The problem is, he has already rejected ownership rights as a rational and  just prescription for individual security.  The poorest people of the world do not defend and promote ownership rights, and that is precisely what they need to do to resolve the massive levels of violation and suffering worldwide.  Having rejected this key analysis, he is left with "just say no" without any "say yes to…".

  • Jeremy Peterson

    I was reminded of this excellent talk by the "Breaking The Set" [278] episode and the wonderful music and message that was shared by the musical collective 'Heartbeat' from Israel.

  • Dany B

    It's ok dude, maybe someday you'll get it.

  • FinanceLogic

    This is true (too left,) he is literally living in the future instead of recognizing that it is a process that is required to get there. He is wrong to think the snap of a finger can solve the problems but he is right to detect where the stress is in the system.

  • Johann Khamis

    So the world problems that were created were created by left brained thinking mentality? H'm-mm very insta- re – stink 

  • N Allen

    Free market for corporations. The rest turned to wage slaves, soldiers or roaming the streets. Take away the food stamps and you will have the 1930's soup lines. Less than 1% in control of most markets, military, industry.

  • N Allen

    Zeitgiest is a significant paradigm in search of a method to materialize.