Deek Jackson Live @ Stramash – Edinburgh Festival 2016

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  • Arnold Layne

    You're the man Deek, good stuff :D

  • RichChasingSummer

    Thank you for the splendid show. What a great talent!

  • Darie Mc Laughlin

    Hi Deek. I hope you don't mind a spurious response, but I did good this A.M. and wanted to share with you. Hope you enjoy the read. All the best to you and yours; Darie…………………..Global Warming?………………The funny part is, it honestly hasn't happened yet. Since the late 1930's when it became a scientific fact that man made CO2 was a green house gas possible of significantly changing the environment and still to this very day, the oceans are absorbing the majority of the CO2 emitted by people. In an exactly opposite response to the knowledge held by the elite the people were taught that complete combustion and CO2 were the CLEAN GREEN effluent we WANTED and fuel efficiency (not fuel economy) was touted as a way to stop the EVIL MONSTER ACID RAIN that was responsible for AGEING STONE BUILDINGS. Misinformation and disinformation. Next the money saved by industry giving up CFC's across the board was propped up as a propaganda campaign and the credit was given to pathological consumers who were given praise for never stopping their purchase of aerosol cans and continuing to by cars and commuting farther and farther to work as part of the artificial growth economie or better simply, the WASTING of RESOURCES people are paid for which they call their jobs. The matter will come to a head when the saturation of carbonic acid in the oceans reaches it's peak and all of the CO2 emitted stays in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Then….Then it will be awesomely devastating. The issue at hand is (for those viable individuals capable of passing their humanity onto future generations) how hot it has to get to stop the destruction and then how big of an ice age will global warming trigger and for how long will it last. Finally how to survive that and never allow another population of 500 individuals to come into existence that does not understand the dynamics of human biology and population growth.

  • annebeck58

    Excellent, man!
    And I am glad the chatty-cathys, close to the camera, shut the heck up.
    I hate people who yell over the musicians.

  • AwakeDude911

    I flapped along with the songs !

  • Aardwolf X

    Shine on

  • ObiKanaka

    Talent, brains and good looks. Someone's got to do it.

  • D Rooney

    Deek Jackson, who the fuck do you think you are ? Nero ? Fucking fidddlin' while the earth burns. Dancing monkey. super talented dancing monkey. while I was watching I almost forgot about the C.F.R. and the nightmare that we are all living in. Fuck ! listening to you jam I was in a dream of music an goodness … a dream .. then BAMM ! Back to the fucking nightmare. Thanks . Keep up the good work man. VIVA LA REVOLUTION !!!!!

  • Alex Ionescu

    sounds amazing
    would love to download some your songs

  • TheBigHyena1

    I want to have your baby

  • Bob Lake

    A new acerbic Bob Dylan for our times :)

  • Gas Mask

    Keep Rocken Deek!

  • Darie Mc Laughlin


  • zerogascar