Dead People To Vote Trump – FKN Newz 100816

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  • Aldo Sfalcin

    I never though that Australians were as backwards politically as southerners in the US. I can't believe that so many are uninformed and brainwashed to the extent that they are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. The Green Party with their people first policies is the future for humanity if there is going to be one.

  • QNFee

    right on deek

  • Antipodean33

    The media (along with many everyday Joe's) here in Australia believe that it's a humanitarian mission to bomb 1000's of civilians to death as long as they get to remove one "tyrannical dictator"  because remember people, freedom isn't free. The media here are spinning the destruction and slaughter in Syria as Russia's fault. It's like we're in some kind of bummer acid trip

  • scratch

    Uranus… that's where klingons are reported to be.

    Maybe there should be an in-depth news story coverage of possible attack on Earth by klingons from Uranus.

  • djparnate

    sniff that pussy juice … rofl

  • Captain L-Ron

    Haven't seen much from you about Hurricane Hillary's pussy juice wafting over Florida, would very much like to.

  • Darie Mc Laughlin

    Is that a digital fly on the wall…..? Or Cockroach on your video screen. At first I thought you might have sneezed on it. But then it appeared to move a bit. Was this an effect you worked to prepare or just lucky funny? All in good faith , thank's for the entertainment Deek.

  • Soul Surfing

    IT's kinda of hypocritical to blame Trump for something Obama and Clinton has already been doing.

  • Eric Abraham


  • Hippie Chick

    All true. Especially the part about the totalitarian schizophrenia of the UK and USA

  • satanicsupersoldier

    Cultural Quirk: Dead people in America are generally known for voting Democrat. You're hysterical, if you didn't get everybody pissed, you'd be rich by now. Pissed means angry in America. Liked, Favorited and waiting for more.

  • Henry Homes

    "Headlies", niiiice!