Culture in Decline | Episode #2 “Economics 101” by Peter Joseph

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Culture in Decline | Episode #2 “Economics 101” by Peter Joseph
Oct 1st 2012

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The topic of this show entitled “Economics 101” deals with the subject of
Economic Calculation, Market Rationale and its effects, along with
considerations of the Scientific Principles of Sustainability. This episode
features long winded and generally insulting rhetoric, a special guest
Gremlin, CID’s “Man on the Street” and the return of the evil peach-suit
capitalist – Peter’s alter ego.

*Episode #3: Dec 1st 2012*

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“Culture in Decline” is a satirical yet serious expression that
challenges various cultural phenomena existing today which most of society
seems to take for granted. Nothing is considered sacred in this Series
except for a detached benchmark of fundamental logic and reason – forcing
the viewer to step out of the box of “Normality” and to consider our
societal practices without traditional baggage and biases. Common themes
include Politics, Economics, Education, Security, Religion, Vanity,
Governance, Media, Labor, Technology and other issues centric to our daily

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  • Oberon Pan

    "The moment the last human on this planet dies, all other life in this universe will breathe a huge collective sigh of relief." – D. Aubrey Bryant, Jr

  • Peter Jetson


  • Hobo Sapien

    The best argument against "Infinite Wants" is simple. None of your want exceeds what advertisement shows you. You literally can not conceive of any product to desire for if you have not seen it in any advertisement. Wants are limited – and the factor that limits it is being shown.

    The "Freedom" argument again runs into the same problem. In reality, you are necessarily confined to produce what others want, and likewise they produce what you want. Unless you are some self sustaining unit, the "Freedom" argument is an appeal to emotion.

  • Javaman92

    This is an excellent series!

  • Steve from virginia

    True economic calculation would also reveal how an abundance on earth for all human needs is possible today.

    False! Resources don't exist to satisfy 'abundance' in a meaningful way.

  • blowera1

    "Let's All Unfuck It Up" hahaa love it :)

  • Northern Lights

    Gotta have that Ipoop waffle maker. Where can I get one? XD

  • Merlin Erdogmus (SYLVER SECOND)

    13:21 I heard this stock music song in a porn clip before…

    Good episode but those funny bits are more cringy to me.
    Thanks though for the educational and free series.

  • kof mer

    Really good information but is the Quran the way of life.. No interest, maximum 25% profits, bowing head on floor 5 times a day like Jesus,Moses,Abraham and many others did in the bible. Would love to see this Peter Joseph talk/debate Dr. Zakir NAIK I recon Peter won't dare for fear of loosing his base. I heard Peter wants a computer to run the world but who would set it up the average man?

  • Chris Ellam

    Please go vegan Peter

  • eonutz

    I like your overall work Peter Joseph but I can't stand this Global Earth Propaganda you are pushing so bad. I wonder when we lost you? Was since the begining?
    You can't be this smart to realize all you are showing and yet don't see the bullshit you are pro paganding.

  • tradecenter7

    In the freeze frame for this video, Peter Joseph is throwing up the baffomet.

  • Francis and Majella

    Great show, I love the clarity of Peter's thinking. Also, where is that riff from at the start of the show?

  • D. A. Dyer

    Well, that was an unfortunate waste of 33 minutes of my life. The guy sure talks a lot without saying anything worth hearing.

  • jagiles

    Not all economists are neoclassicals and/or Austrians though they do dominate.

  • Galactic Scholar Consciousness

    Peter Joseph…you sir are an INTELLECTUAL extraordinaire…not to mention your acoustics-mastery.
    Thank you for doing what you've been doing. I've been challenged with "making money" for about a few years now and not only is it a challenge to find a "shitty job", let alone the "classicism-good-ole-boy…yeah, just apply on the net and we'll get in touch with you IF we like you" paradigm. I took some time to try and build an "online presence", but my efforts unfortunately hasn't resonated with enough people to create any kind of earnings. So…yep, it's another venture to get at least for the short-term (what else)…a J.O.B. (just over broke). Something is happening inside me…and that is what needs to happen in order to change what is happening outside of me. At the very least….how I perceive it and act upon that thought.
    PEACE and once again…Thank you. ; -)> Your buddy….BOB

  • Steve Garcia

    okay, your message is way too fucking important to completely ruin it with your shitty "jokes" and especially that goddamn Louie the Logic whatever the fuck. seriously dude, that shit does not inspire confidence, nor lend you any credibility. when im trying to show this to friends who need the message, you lose them as soon as you pull shit like that. your content is superb enough on its own, please dont try and add any cheap tricks into such intellectual subject matter. aside from that, i really enjoy the majority of your work, keep it up!

  • Tristan van Oosten

    Everyone should listen carefully: Europeans (particularly from the East) will look up a couple of times because they recognise what is being proposed. What is being proposed here is the same, blood soaked yoke their fathers just managed to push off: communism.

  • Aurora

    Some badass metal at 5:55. Is it based on an existing song?

  • Kevin Day

    Peter Joseph – man, I freakin love you. I emailed you through the Zeitgeist Movement site yesterday to start a Dallas chapter – we have got to wake people up. Your message is fucking awesome.