CRAZY WORLD – Deek Jackson
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  • Sean Webb

    And in deed it's crazy and getting crazier all the time take care mankind, as for lifekind open your wallets they need money all the time, but that's ok as long as the parties going but what then when it ends???

  • richardatmacks1

    Happy FKN New Year Deek

  • jose ramirez

    fuck saturn worshippers.
    come to me jupiter almighty.

  • bob nudd

    Guitar solo is awesome

  • philos4r

    i dont like zero's.


    versatility is a good thing 

  • metalhead420fuq

    have i mentioned you look exactly like a slimmer whiter version of a friend of mine. tommy. :)

  • metalhead420fuq


  • pixelspring

    @pixelspring .. * off the wound . * so much . 

  • pixelspring


  • pixelspring

    @fknnewz ah ..I would like to see your music reach a wider audience Deek. The 'kids' (all ages) of today could do with pulling the scab of the wound , lift the veil as it were, and get some courage to look in. Some much injustice in the world… first step to healing anything is looking and honestly asking where the problem is. Your " the problem is me and You" number hits one of the big nails on the head m8. You are doing good work brother. 

  • Lone Wolf

    In an INSANE world, ONLY the sane are MAD.

  • grandmachristine42


  • subentry

    Art personified You are !! 

  • TBH

    @bavwill By not being landless, I mean, we have a huge fucking ball of elements to do whatever the fuck we want.These fucking scumsuckers may be what they are, but if they show us anything that can be learned from, its fearlessness. It's fearlessness you demonstrate on these videos. You encourage me for one to be more expressive and creative, but also useful in being [trying to] the change I want to see. Of course it's never enough and that's why I guess we keep going.

  • TBH

    @bavwill If the powers that be had power over you, you would know about it. Yes it would be great to have land, but to have it, to claim ownership of it would be living by exactly the same code as they do. The people of the world have chosen to live by this code of ownership, where what's theirs is theirs and what's not yours never will be. Let them own it for what its worth. The rest of us are not landless. Maybe we don't own shit but we have a life to do something with. We gots shit to be doin

  • TBH

    The craziness ends by choosing not to partake. Giving it attention only promotes the craziness further. Look at it. It's screaming for attention 24/7 and we stand and watch. We are all products of environments we create for ourselves via influence we allow on our minds and who we choose to defer true leadership to. There's a lot to be said for being the change you want to see in the world. Politicians can't touch us. They live in a separate world along with those who accept them as power.

  • Deek Jackson

    @pixelspring thanks – im self employed IT /Multimedia services – donations would be great but ad revenue makes up most income from fknnewz about $2 or 300 a month – average $50 episode – like most musicians im not in it for the money, but on principle im not giving it to youtube for free – cheers

  • Bam Dogwood

    Aye brandnew neighbor…

  • foolproofman

    People are heading to THE END and yet all they care about is if I clean up shit that makes my dog…
    Like it was a seriuos injury to step into a shit. Its more natural than all the crap that they live in. (Like cars for example)