Cowspiracy: Review and Analysis

Cowspiracy: Review and Analysis

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  • edc2879

    Everyone is going on about Cowspiracy saying its eva the best thing they have ever read/watched or its biased vegan propaganda. Thus to break this deadlock I suggest people read Farmageddon

  • Tiago Oliveira

    At the min 31:09 of the Cowspiracy documentary, they say that "1 acre of rain forest is cleared every second". I was intrigued by this (not fundamented) information and i did some maths:

    1 acre = 4,046 square Km
    1 year as 31.536.000,00 seconds
    4,046 x 31.536.000,00 = 127.594.656 square Km.

    Thats 127.594.656 square Km of cleared rain forest per year.

    Earth's total area is around 510.100.000 square Km, so if that information was right, there would be no more rain forest by now.

    what do you think? For me this documentary lost credibility.

  • quinto190

    Check out some talks by Alan Savory. The current scientific data are based on the current production methods. But there is a way, how livestock can be a very positive influence.

  • Elias Haddad

    The documentary is very interesting and potentially life changing although…

    1-The comparison between food produced from animal agriculture when compared to foods from plants is carried out in terms of weight rather than calories. It might be true that plants could be cultivated in much larger quantities but do they amount to the same number of calories provided in animal food products?

    2- Being a vegan would definitely call on some individuals to result to using multivitamins and other protein sources as supplementation. The documentary fails to indicate how much land use, water use, energy use and waste this will amount to.

    3- In countries with extreme weather conditions, where food from plant sources is at most seasonal, how are we to feed the people inhabiting such countries?

    4- The documentary fails to specify why in the first place man resulted to eating meat. If it is not a natural thing, how come we can digest them unlike herbivores? (note: olive oil and other plant foods have the potential to cause bad cholesterol when consumed in excess, just like animal products…perhaps it is the excess that should at times be attacked when it comes to being healthy?)

  • psikeyhackr

    Would promoting a 50% to 66% reduction in meat consumption be more effective than trying to get people to go vegan?

  • Sattack210

    I gave up on red meat and dairy years ago, but I did for health reasons only. Now having seeing Cowspiracy I am even more glad to have made that choice. Red meat and dairy are highly detrimental to health and solely for that reason giving up that crap is convenient for saving the planet is a huge extra.

  • Choose Vegan

    Watch Earthlings if you want to further educate yourself on the issue

  • Eric Inglis

    As someone who is studying agricultural science i can guarantee that Conspiracy definitely has misleading statistics and shows its interviews in misleading ways. It frustrates me that a serious enviromental issue with serious affects on society and sustainablity was taken out of context and had the science warped to push a vegan agenda

  • domi

    i made a presentation at my school about environmental impact of animal agriculture and i got asked a question that why there are different numbers for beef, milk and cheese if a cow produces all of those foods, that wouldn´t there be less amount of water spent if they would be combined (that from the same cow/cows we would obtain beef, milk and cheese) and i didn´t know what to say to that. does someone have an answer to this?

  • Marcolino Yassau

    You´re falling into the trap of distraction of the oil industry!

    When cows graze, plants grow back. Then the capture more CO2 from the atmosphere. The cow herself is made of carbon (fat, Protein, Glucoses, etc), so she´s retaining it from the atmosphere.

    In regards to WATER, unless you´re talking about TREATED water, which is energy costly, there is no problem. Because cows will give it back to nature in form of a very good natural fertilizing liquid that make plants grow faster, capturing more CO2, called URINE!

    Have you guys heard of Lavoisier?

  • Los.A Chefs
  • Los.A Chefs

    Maybe misdirected rage? Or maybe just not genuine concern…