COWSPIRACY – Official Teaser 1 – HD

COWSPIRACY - Official Teaser 1 - HD There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other. But no one wants to talk about it…
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  • As Cats Vegan


  • vɪʃəs vegan

    You need to put this fucker for free on youtube now!!!!!

  • Frederic Diaz

    To the copyright owner: please let me know who is the copyright owner of
    this video. I would like to show this film in theaters in France.

  • Mitchell Brittain

    LIBERAL !!!!!!!

  • daniel vasquez


  • Electronite1337

    Great documentary, which is about the big picture of sustainability and not about general environmental protection nonsense, which way too often talks about the wrong issues

  • bo jiden

    just like bill burr said. "2/3rds of you need to get up and walk straight into the ocean"

  • Alvin Street

    This is some real shit peeps, watched the video and its crazy cray

  • Outback Al

    Check out the fat cow at the end of the clip….Ooops, that was not nice….but hey,….check out that fat cow at the end of the clip.

  • Emily Chemly

    There's no way to justify the consumption of animal products, it's completely unnecessary and destructive to yourself and the world YOU live in. Wake the fuck up.

  • Renegade Zed
  • Blake Roberts

    This popped up as an add and I'm never seen a more unclear trailer if it weren't called cowspiracy I would have no idea what it was about. If these people really wanted to make a change it would be clear and concise but they want to build it up so people will want to pay to see it.

  • Andrea Pi

    Meat and Food Processing, and Meat/Food Production and Transport is the Number one cause of global warming right alongside petrol vehicle transportation (ground, air, sea- building) usage, and the petrochemical (also includes pharma and pharma waste industry). And Gas is for cooking/heating… :-(

  • xchopp

    What a shame. If only the producers had not made ludicrous claims about climate forcing from livestock this could have been a good documentary. The impacts cited in this teaser — habitat destruction, water use, deforestation, species extinction, ocean dead zones — are all valid. However, it falls over by trying to leverage climate forcing (largely because livestock respiration is part of the short-term carbon cycle). What a shame.  

  • Josh Brause

    What is IT