Cowspiracy is Bull

Are Cowspiracy’s shocking facts real? I challenge you to make it through this statistic-ridden video about statistics.

Links and Sources:

My ALS Video:

Beef Magazine Article:

56% of US freshwater is used by feed:

US Government Site with Livestock Water Use:

“convert 6 pounds of feed into 1 pound of gain” according to Utah State (GOOGLE: BASIC SHOW STEER FEEDING and CARE)

78% of cattle factory farmed:

Beef uses 441 gallons per pound:

FAO 14.5% Percents GHG Livestock Report:

FAO 18% Percents GHG Livestock Report:

Worldwatch 51% GHG Report:

NY Times Op-Ed on 51% report:

Source of Diet Carbon Footprint Chart Data:

Worldwide Livestock Population Study (Global Distribution):

Chickens eat 1,300-1,500 Cals/lb/day (UVM):

80% amazon rainforest deforestation:

EPA Sewage Link:
Google – Risk Assessment Evaluation for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

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  • the modfather

    God damnit. Is there any way to eat meat without killing animals?!

  • Running on Raspberries

    Oh no! Cowspiracy, along with Rich Roll, Scott Jurek, and videos of farmed animals turned me vegan! Oh wait,
    title was clickbait! Please change the title because not everyone will watch the video, and you are an influential vegan!!! The last thing we need is people scrolling past the title and then going around saying this amazing documentary is not accurate!!

  • Morgan Collins

    I really like and appreciate how you titled your video, very clever. Thank you for researching and sharing! xx

  • La Pointe Musicale This article will be much more difficult to deny though, and there's a pretty good fact check by French animal rights organization L214 (no conflict of interest here i'm afraid), in French I'm afraid: Also, this article that sympathizes with the cause but does ask the right questions

  • BosnianSoldier530

    The documentary that tries to change things should not allow itself to have room for these discussions e.g. up to 91% is a bull and should not be used, no matter how you spin it – it was bullshit. The signal and the noise produces by these blown up statics is counter productive.

    Second and most important is that sentence "you cannot be environmentalist if you are eating meat" is the biggest problem with documentary and you people (vegans). You think you are changing things but you are doing nothing, you just have a club where you feel good and better than others but in fact your impact is … nothing. If you want to change things start thinking more realistically and stop vegan propaganda because that ain't happening ever for 99% of the population. Just sanity here sending reality check.

  • Blake Spokely

    The 51% number comes from "Methane" which is supposed to be 100× more destructive than CO2

  • eloise rangel

    you're beautiful

  • Jeff H

    lol, Beef magazine. Sounds like an eye candy mag for women.

  • Gertrude McFuzz

    I like what you're saying, but the rocking back and forth is hard to watch. But I'm listening.

  • Mathias Lindberg

    Be my dad please