Comedian Bill Hicks on Marijuana

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    Bill Hicks is a unique , smart and funny as fuck. Bill Hicks a Great comic with excellent stand up exploring subjects with material that remains above and beyond all others . Bill Hicks is the only comic ever to create a unique way of performing stand up with great innovative style unmatched by all others with jokes that are unlike any other comics who remain unable to attain anything close to what Bill Hicks Provided. Bill Hicks American stand up whose sense of humour was so far beyond American audiences . Bill able to prove this through his instant sucuess in the UK where Bill performed in the uk where Bill was quickly able to attain sucuess packing out theatre's in the uk regularly with a thousand fans as his audience. Bill managed to perform for 15 years in America without attaining the successes that Bill Hicks attained almost instantly in the uk where Bill was appreciated as the comic genius he was by Brits whose sense of humour is far beyond any other excellent level of humour where Bill was truly able to achieve as a comic unlike America where Bill was beyond his audiences and comedy bosses . Bill Hicks has been able to deliver comedy in a way which America was never able to recognise but British quickly recognised the great quality of Bill stand up comic . The British sense of humour being the best and the funniest far more advanced than Americans . Hicks is given the approval of Brits is higher and harder to achieve given the superior sense of humour of Brits . Bill always has been a sucuess in Britain as Bill is deemed by Brits as a funny comic genius considered one of the greatest American comics ever . Americans were unable to provide Bill with the same understanding nor with a level of sense of humour that is required to experience the quality high level comic genius Bill stand up delivered. Bill is confirmed as a comic legend funny as fuck by Britain the nation that easily boosts the far more advanced and the best sense of humour superior to Americas which was never able to appreciate Bill Hicks because of there limitation rather than anything to do with Hicks whose British fans offer a greater funnier advanced sense of humour that demands more than American lesser far more easier to succeed with comics that have not a chance in the uk such is their lack of comic capabilities when britains standards are placed upon a yank whose sucuess in America has been within a lesser set standards where a comic has less to attain in stand up than they require to be able to appear competent in the uk. Bills inability to sucuess in America is made meaningless by the instant successes Bill had when performing in the uk where the greatest sense of humour exists Bill was recognised for the comic he was which America never recognised despite 15 years of Bill performing . The Americans were below the level Bill was on Britain making this fact with bills quick sucuess in a very short period attaining fans and venues such a comic deserved . Americans have produced a handful of comics that Brits describe positively where as most popular American comics are unable to attain the approval of a far superior sense of humour demanding a higher level that the Americans do not have but the British do have . British sense of humour being the best with the american sense of humour being lesser much lesser enables Bill Hicks to be too good for America such was bills sucuess in the far better Britain . The list of American comics able to attain approval and praise in the uk is a very small number rare as fuck despite the decades of American comics working in America considered funny . Hicks made it in the British comic arena therefore bill reaches the highest standards within britains top level requirements of the verybest sense of humour in the world. Goooo Hicks loved by Brits which is where only the. True comic geniuses can be chosen in uk the USA ideas of funny genius is below average to the British such is the highest standards Brits sense of humour delivers.


    "Shut up and smoke that! It's the law!

  • the kneebreaker

    this guy isn't funny

  • One Man 1970

    takes a hit.."sorry I was taking life seriously" …classic!

  • Justin Atwood

    It's all about the money, on Earth.

  • John Riddick

    We love you Bill, and we miss you.

  • Middnight Morpheus

    That is the 100,000,000 question!!;

  • patriotic American

    hes 100% right