Comedian Bill Hicks at Dangerfields

Old footage of Bill Hicks during a performance at Dangerfields. From a comedy special back in the late 80s I think

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  • Johnno Burke

    If only he was still alive…

  • punkadelicfuzz

    his wolf sound is glorious

  • Steve Burnell

    Not funny, not even in the slightest, Bill hicks sucks.

  • Joe Jacovino

    oh yeah

  • Sacramento Presspublisher

    Bill Hicks is Alex Jones and I am alright with that.

  • 3zer05

    Alex Jones is so fucking funny yo

  • Rafael Miramontes

    Bill hicks was that nigga you'd expect, to catch wreck on any cassette deck, he was so ahead of his time his parents hadn't met yet. RIP Bill hicks n Big L

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots

    Both Rodney and Bill are gone now. Miss them both. If Bill Hicks was alive now wonder wonderful material he could come up with with all the crazy shit we got going on now.

  • NovakGaming


  • RayGunz

    for everyone who thinks he's dead you have Alex Jones if you want a laugh just go listen to this radio show or his podcast or his YouTube channel you can get a lot of bullshit right there and if you actually watch the comparison videos boy these guys really could be the same person it wouldn't be the first time the US government duped us into believing something for an agenda + this man was a master at impressions don't you people know who you're looking at I'm not saying he is Alex Jones I'm just saying if that's the kind of humor you want just go pretend LOL there's one video that really drives me nuts where Alex Jones has the most honest face on and he says I am Bill Hicks

  • RayGunz

    he does have a lot of mannerisms that Alex Jones has especially running his hand through his hair the way he does

  • i am not Jake

    Bill was confusing Oklahoma with Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, & parts of Georgia. I can take a joke because our state is shitty, but he was probably just pandering to those west-coast faggots in the crowd using a cliché 'funny' southern voice. ughh

  • paul mortimer

    dennis leary saw this?

  • jennifer brangers

    Damn, he was just as funny before he got so angry. I kind of thought his earlier stuff would be corny but outside of that sister wife joke he was just as good. I wish we could have seen what he would have went on to say about modern times. The world would much better.