Collapse with Michael C. Ruppert (Full Movie)

Collapse with Michael C. Ruppert (Full Movie)

“Collapse”, directed by Chris Smith, is an American documentary film exploring the theories, writings & life story of controversial author, investigative reporter, & activist, Michael C. Ruppert.

Sadly, Michael died, by his own hand, on April 13th 2014, just outside Calistoga, California, USA. He left suicide notes addressed to his friends, none of whom (including Jack Martin who found his body) consider the circumstances suspicious in any way.

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An interview with Jack describing the circumstances of Michael’s death is available here;

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In memory of Michael, this is intended to educate all Mankind & to spread his message of hope for humanity in a fvcked-up World.

I own nothing: All rights belong to the makers & contributors of this film.

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  • Ray Vince Branzuela

    an inevitable end

  • anatureperson

    People get more notoriety when they're dead than when they're alive. Why is that?

  • velveetaslingshot

    What a whackjob narcissist. His own blow hard self promotion voids any content that may be on point.

  • Harry Hepworth

    A real human RIP mick

  • Scar

    Syria is to be the Iraq 3.0. No wonder the US state department is going insane threatening Russia with acts of terrorism and complete diplomatic silence, if they dont stop helping Assad. When they tried to push the same idea as in Libya with creating a no fly zone except for the Americans in Syria, a General simply said it would mean full scale war with Syria and Russia and the room went silent. The Slavic Bear has awoken from his nap.

  • Rain Coast

    Mike foresaw humankind's inevitable slide towards self inflicted extinction.
    Faced with this ultimate realization, he chose to end his own book of stories, his way.
    Future generations, if there may be, will look upon him as a true modern day prophet and revere him.

  • Marky Mark

    I have become convinced over the last few months that oil is not actually a "fossil" fuel. It is well worth looking into. The evidence shows oil comes from much further down than the fossil record. The fossil tag being attached inappropriately in 1890.

  • A Serious Salamander

    shit flies outta reality at about 55:00

  • psycold

    R.I.P Michael, I hope you found your hundredth monkey.

  • stoms cumin

    Need only 74 million to make a change. Come on monkeys, let's do this!!! Share share share.

  • Holy Plague

    57 k we are fuck.

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    1:11:38 we still belive, micheal

  • Elizabeth Reign Castillo

    I am 75 years I am not too concerned..but I fear greatly for the young people…l think that they face a very grim future indeed

  • Naidosh Lock

    I think it's important for viewers to know that this video is from 2009:

  • Frank Mitchell

    No one looks at the big picture. Before we run out of oil the governments of the world will exterminate the masses so there will be less consumption and only the rich will inherit the Earth.