Christopher Hitchens vs. Rabbi David Wolpe: The Great God Debate

“Anti-theist” writer Christopher Hitchens debates with Conservative Jewish leader Rabbi David J. Wolpe, moderated by WBUR’s “On Point” Host Tom Ashbrook.

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This talk was taped on March 23, 2010.
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  • Maria Callous

    the creator's law is action reaction and that includes human behaviors…you can destroy anyplace by the things you do…

  • Bix

    I can't stand theological debates. NONE OF THIS BULLSHIT HAS ANY EVIDENCE!! If they present their scientific evidence for God then we will reach the conclusion that there is no evidence. How do these fuckers not realize the only reason they take any of this God story seriously is because they were raised with it? This blatant willful ignorance is painful to watch.

  • Greg Marcuse

    Hitchens truly did waste the air we breathed, what an arrogant prick. So smart yet so misguided and stupid in his irrational assessments of life. Anyone taking the time to read the Torah can see how divine it is which is one reason why Christianity and Muslims do not throw it out….why do a billion Christians use my book if it not the word of G-d. Hitchens really is a very stupid sad fellow….am happy he is no longer around.

  • Ultra Magnetic

    David Wolpe is an arrogant prick. So annoying to hear him be so conceited in his supernatural bullshit. Religious fairytales

  • enlighten09

    The full quote " God is dead because man killed it " kind of changes the meaning . Hitchens relies so much on quoting people who were and would be completley opposed to his reductionist materialist garbage .

  • Ams S

    That rabbi was full of shit, oh religious people are less likely to take drugs, so Vatican priests raping children, and violence in Israel, both Jews and Muslims are to blame. So the atrocities committed by religion are more morally acceptable? I am bad as them just cos I like smoking gear every now and then? Fuck off rabbi!

  • Kochab

    29:41 so funny and then later at 31:06, Hitchens pushes the button again.

  • Bobalob

    High quality debate compared to the usual standard.

  • Karl-Johan Embretsen

    the idea that the great disasters of the 20th century was because a removal of the religion is probably the greatest falsehood imaginable. apart from the idea the morality stems from religion.

  • Bunne Rabb

    There's ways around lavalier mic feedback and side-chaining between the rig and the video feed besides cranking the compressor to the point where it distorts.

  • jacklyn whitt

    said or written before
    gates through which the word was created
    your presence and representation from the county would be meaningful and greatly appreciated by the Jewish community

  • tom sdffdf

    Wolpe really is one of the best debaters on the theological side, he has a presence and way of speaking that I'd very appealing. this was a great debate. RIP Hitch. you'll be missed

  • Bradley Gearhart

    This is the most reasonable religious guy I've ever seen

  • Bradley Gearhart

    This comment section is cancer

  • mickeyh1961

    As usual game set and match to Peter.