Christopher Hitchens vs Alister McGrath- Georgetown University

Hitchens wrote “God is not Great” and McGrath is a former atheist who converted to Christianity.
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  • ZoZo!

    1:18:591:19:54 I'm struck by just how lame a response to an argument can be. Not that that ain't the whole thing on his part.

  • Glen Callahan

    This McGrath spent his first 3:30 saying nothing… then apologises that he won't have tie to cover all the points!

  • john cumming

    It's a shame religion is not kept away from children, the whole scam really fails every examination.

  • Richard Shaw

    I noticed that the narrator is on alisters side just by the way he would turn and whisper while Hitchens is speaking truth. very disrespectful. BUT this was '08-09 whatever year it was. religion was a bitch to handle.

  • Brendon Ford

    Wow. Hitchens was incredibly rude and disrespectful, and really didn't address any of McGrath's arguments. I have seen Hitchens before debate, and he's always had his sass, but never was he this rude. McGrath did a decent job building an argument and in his rebuttals, but more than anything I admire the level of politeness and class he had during the debate.

    Big question for Hitchens is, when you talk about "humility" "arrogance" and "right" and "wrong", from what are you basing these statements. Another student asked that, and you claimed to have already addressed it, so I rewound the debate and watched it again, but you really didn't answer the question.

  • biggs949597 s

    Peter hitchens is who we should be watching

  • Sean Hayes

    McGrath starts off by calling Northern Ireland a backward place. Wanker. How Christian of him to begin by immediately judging as well.

  • Kye Brooks

    his voice was as powerful as the knowledge behind it

  • Dm@c

    You know what it's like to have someone simultaneously love and fear you? It's called being a good father to your child.

  • マスター禅

    McGrath is an Oxford graduate… think about that.

  • Richard Shaw

    all these debates from the "New atheist" movement from 2003-2008, was actually to teach the religious how to be "reasonable". That's all the 4 horsemen of atheism was trying to do. their logic were FAR more ahead reason than the biblical idiots (apologists, pastors, theologians, etc.) had at the time. even if these people tried to deny their idiotic knowledge of the bible with the challenge of reason of science as being the "truth" of living life, it didn't matter in book sales lead by the new atheist movement back then.

  • Andy LH

    Dr McGrath has discovered the secret of saying much whilst communicating as little information as possible

  • Antoine le

    1:27:27 Cristhopher rambles through the whole debate how religion makes killing possible and moral and a norm and then he himself says killing of people is alright if they are your enemies

  • Nicholas

    People keep bitching about Atheism being compared to religion. Hitchens compared the officially Atheist Soviet Union that persecuted the religion as religious. How stupid is that?

  • alexandre mattua

    Why is there no sound???!!!

  • Hypogonadism

    Finding an unseen debate of Hitchens is like finding 100$ in an old pair of pants.