Christopher Hitchens – The True Nature of Islam in 12 Minutes

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  • This-Guy IsCool (davidedpg10)

    There is a religion of peace… it's called Pastafarianism

  • bobby samra

    Hitchens was a true educator.

  • Xavier Platiau

    Thank you Cristopher Hitchens, I'm sure you were aware of the power of knowledge transmission. And I would like to say that you will live forever, since as long as men and women around the world will seek the true sense of the world liberty, you will never be forgotten.

  • jack meoff

    Abraham from the old testament never raped a child,
    Jesus from the new testament never raped a child, but Muhammad from the sex and death cult named shitlam did rape a child, what adult would look at a child sexually but a freak and 1.6billion like minded freaks,leave
    this savage violent backward illiterate 7th.century behavior in the middle East and Africa where insanity is accepted as normal.this sex and death cult named shitlam does not want to assimilate into the host countries that give these degenerate an opportunity at a better life they just want to rule the world and the left wing liberal regressive feminist traitors of Europe and the United States along with our undercover Muslim President Obama will destroy the civilized world all in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness if we let them. the police and men of Europe are soft and weak and cowardly for not stopping this sex and death cult named shitlam now Europe can't protect their woman and children from this sex and death cult named shitlam. only a liberal and a fool won't believe what they see with their own eyes.all religions are for the weak minded sheep of the world but shitlam is the most dangerous threat to the civilized world today.

  • Ansar Allah

    We are in the end time, the promised Yamani and messenger of Imam Mahdi to the Shia Muslims, the Mahdi who is born in the end time for the Sunnis Muslims, the messenger and comforter of Jesus for the Christians, the messenger of Elijah to the Jews is here in Irak since 1999. His name is Ahmed AlHasan. Will you respond and believe in his call or disobey to the man chosen by Allah. Proofs and details for Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Christians, Jews and Atheists here:

  • Roland Wiggensbach

    Hitchens didn't actually insulted Islam here, he just told the truth about the Muslims.

  • Dave King

    Such a clever man. From an analysis of history, politics and religion, he predicts the rise of Islamic State – as an organisation to bring about a caliphate. I miss Hitch and his speeches and would love to know what he thought of 2016.

  • John Ralph

    No such thing as a perfect human being.

  • eydaimon

    Statism is just as much a religion as christianity. Talk about totalitarianism. It's ironic he never realized this.

  • Szaam

    I really wish Chris was still around to have been able to debate Maajid Nawaz. That would have been a joy to watch. R.I.P.