Christopher Hitchens – The axis of evil

April 8, 2005.

Journalist and author Christopher Hitchens lectures about Iran, North Korea and Iraq, otherwise known as the Axis of Evil.

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  • Ian Gilbert

    This man is an OG.

  • jon laymon

    Hitchens predicts Boko Haram @ roughly 104

  • VitoVlogs

    great video. thanks

  • Greg V

    Had he lived I believe Hitchens would have made a great Sec of State. At least he is the type person who should be in that role. Someone who really understands the world through years of observing it first hand and studying its history.

  • Robert Rock-Klotz

    Quite the intellectual gladiator here and his vocabulary is broad.

  • LoveBandit1000

    Noam Chomsky would watch this and say, "yeah but these three dictatorships are not near as evil as the USA". That is pretty much all you need to know to fathom what a pathetic, traitorous POS Chomsky is…

  • Jonas Hermans

    lol "The babyboomerang" brilliant!

  • Joe Rockhead

    Where was Hitchens (a.k.a. Hitch the Drunken Bitch) buried?  I want my Sunday School Class to eat at Taco Bell and take a MONSTER MEXICAN GRANDE SHIT AND 10 GALLON MT. DEW PISS ON HITCH THE FAGGOT BITCH'S GRAVE.  Eat shit Chris Hitchens you spineless drunken pile of dog shit.  BURN IN HELL HITCHENS YOU FUCKING  WAISTE OF LIFE.  I will personally piss a Star David and  a Dollar Sign on Hitch the Bitch's grave.  He was totally on the Jew Payroll attacking God's real people the Christians.  FUCK YOU HITCHENS AND YOUR WHOLE EVIL FAMILY AND  YOUR IGNORANT FOLOWERS!!!!

  • cmb2934

    53 Saddam bum boys on here

  • Roughcovers

    Hitchens should never have conflated Saddam (a fascist) with the islamic groups like Al quada, Saddam wasn't actually very religious and wasn't concerned about spreading Islam around the world, sure he'd pay lip service to it to keep his people happy, but essentially he was an old fashioned thug who, in 2003, did not threaten anyone beyond his own borders.

    Hitchens got the Iraq war 2 wrong, history has already proven that.

  • James JAH Avey

    Is C, Hitchings the solution to the world problem if not what use is he?

  • thehorrorification

    Axes of evil, wicked woodchoppers.

  • Enkhe-Amgalano Budo (Sensemillia Sage)

    Political correctness is censorship, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Kim ought to be proud of libtards.