Christopher Hitchens talks Feminism on Charlie Rose (1994)

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Christopher Hitchens discusses campus rape, objectification, infantilization and more in this talk on feminism.
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Guys in the comments, I wish you were being ironically self-aware, you aren’t, so stop sexually objectifying the accomplished and intelligent women in the panel in this talk on *feminism*. Although I wouldn’t fault you for expressing your own sexual interest in Hitchens, just because women are in the vicinity of Hitchens (or any dude) does not mean their only thought is of “boning”.
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  • Mac Prime

    Feminist or non-feminist, I'm interested in morality.

  • Schensue

    Oh yes, conversations, I remember those: no shouting, no generalisation, no prepossession, no categorical statements that one would not listen to the other, just people exchanging ideas over a certain topic. That was nice.

  • ice_hawk10

    "men will want to share in the victimhood status". yes, this has been proven a thousand times over as one of the consequences of overbearing feminism. kinda like how really zealous anti-white groups now have some white people believing they're an oppressed class too.

    it's not a good thing. society does have quite a few curious double standards as a matter of law and policy that disadvantage men and that should change, but we shouldn't want anyone, man or woman, believing that the rest of society is out to get them on the basis of their race or sex. it creates a totally counterproductive mindset. identity politics is the worst.

  • Charlee Charles

    Some women only have rape fantasies because of movies glamourising rape?!?! Who is this moron??? Most people, regardless of gender, have fantasies about edgy, risky, dangerous, taboo scenarios. It has nothing to do with Hollywood or anything else.

  • Charlee Charles

    Nice bit of womansplaining from the condescending twot on his left. She is so annoying.


    I was 3 years old when this happened… weird

  • Claudius Atlas

    "Men will want a share in the victimhood business"

    He predicted the anti-feminist movement. Most anti-feminists I see are largely the same as the feminists they hate. They are only interested in their gender's problems, their gender's rights, and obsessed with smearing anything that resembles the opposite gender's issues. Whether they admit it or not, they believe everything they do because of their feelings and emotional bias. They'll hide under the banner of "solid facts, logic, and reason", but in reality they only hate feminism because it's a women's movement and they are men. Honestly, if most of those guys were born female they would be Laci Green or Anita Sarkeesian.

  • Kyle Spence

    What a mind. So sad to have lost such a human being.

  • john laird

    hitch was right when he said that men would want to share in the victimhood business. look at the so called alpha cry baby's you see in the comments below and throughout the internet and like hitchens said its boring

  • Saiz

    did you hear what he said though?
    1. women will play the victim
    2. I will play the victim
    3. everyone will play the victim
    4. Men will want to share in the victimhood
    5. it will be unstoppable.
    6. and completely negative.

    I may disagree with the man on many things, but it appears as though he predicted our future 20 years ago through reason and logic. And yet, no one listened to him.

  • ashutosh pal

    Patron saint of logic

  • borisovicinovski

    good god the girls are eyefucking him nonstop the whole time it's unnerving

  • sid zeller

    Damn Hitch ran that shit