Christopher Hitchens – On Q and A

October 1, 2009.

Christopher Hitchens on the Q and A panel in Australia.
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  • myster. E Jones

    The questions are for The Hitch! Yet a-hole moderator doesn't even let him answer most of them. Needs a better moderator, or guests of a stature commensurate with Mr Hitchens! Could've been so much better, wasted opportunity!

  • Adam Mangler

    This episode has been endlessly re-posted – but it is brilliant!

  • Spencer Holman

    we need hitch know

  • J.M

    "There's not a book that says 'The Islamic Law' or something"
    Bro, like Quoran?!

  • Marcus Bento

    Waleed = Textbook example of religion corrupting a radiant mind.

  • racecar06

    12:46 She had it coming :)

  • amathenge

    Waleed is an intellectual prude. He never really answered a question. He rephrased all the questions he was asked and answered his own question.

  • jens larsen

    55:55 strange looking back hearing him say that

  • sean rodgers

    the advertisement to the upper right reads: "Want to know God? The interactive story." Delicious irony

  • Thomas clueso Huebner

    I think all monotheistic religions are evil and the cause of most people’s unhappiness—not the cure. But this is a dangerous thing to say because people are afraid of death and they’re very protective of their beliefs. If you say that there’s no such thing as their God, they get angry. Some people would even murder someone for saying that. It will pass, but it’s going to take a long time. I think a thousand years from now, people will grow up and there will be no religion.

  • shruggs saggington

    I have a question for hitchens:if atheism is so cool then why are you dead?

  • herschel hatcher

    The lady on the panel talks a lot but says nothing

  • Martin D

    5:00 minutes in and Hitch is already wiping the floor with that fool

  • Braiden O

    Stop tapping that fucking glass, what you have to say has no intellectual input what so ever anyway

  • Jack bassman

    I don't suppose Cardinal George Pell will ever be "fit" enough to appear on this programme.

  • gary morgan

    Blimey Ann Henderson is thick.