Christopher Hitchens on Michael Moore

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I recommend reading:

The Lies of Michael Moore
by Christopher Hitchens, Slate 2004

First half of the video is sourced from an Interview called “Accuracy in Media” in 2005. Full interview:

Second half of the video I believe is from 2004 but I cannot find the original source. I got it from here:
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  • Llort a Ton

    Michael Moore is a fat insecure feminist that shoves bananas up his ass.

  • Shoah Business

    ((( Christopher Hitchens )))

  • Smash Er

    I have a huge amount of respect for hitch, but i think he is flat out wrong on iraq and sadam. Its clear there was no credible evidence he had weapons or was making them. Nor was he in any way connected to al-Qaida or bin laden. Not everyone is perfect.

  • Tim Wilson

    The man had a great mind..just sad it came up against a brick wall with regards to Bush & Blair.

  • JONNOG88

    03:52 Exactly Hitchens. Why would it be so terrible if some US/European corp. Was to build a pipeline through Afghanistan. At least that would give it economic infrastructure. Here in the UK. The SNP are so obsessed with Ozil. They think they can run a country on it LOL :)

  • Roughcovers

    a lot of what Hitchens said about Moore was right, but Moore, despite his ham fisted documentary, was right about wmd and the invasion in general.

  • glockumollie

    What I would like to know is how did Michael Moore get into a Republican convention.

  • raja patel

    Hitch much as I admire him has a snobby respect for Chomsky, while it is clear to anyone unblinded by such deference that chomps is a disingenuous masochistic hater of all things western.

  • Paul Suarez

    silly boy

  • Carl McBanana

    that thing that "Orwell once said" is actually quote from the film 1984 with John Hurt, which is something that was taken from the book and rephrased a bit.

    So, technically, George Orwell did say that.

  • Jerah DeLaCruz

    Huh. Because I mesh with him so well regarding religion, I'd assumed we'd be politically compatible. That'll teach my liberal ass, won't it? Still a fan, though.

  • David White

    Hitchens: "We've found them (the Iraqis) cheating on Weapons of Mass Destruction…." No, we hadn't, Christopher. That was bullshit.

  • TheBlackiwid

    This Hitchens is a anti-humanist huminism stands for same rights for everybody, there is no from god choosen country that stands over all laws, that defines the law for everybody else and completly negates every law over it self and its representatives.

    Thats imperitalism, exceptionalism horrible see somebody with that intelectual attitude talk oppinions very similar to redwing hillbillies, a wolf in a sheep pelt. Well I mean the sheep cover is not very good, if you dont have tomatos on your eyes you can clearly see the wolf under it.

    Also his argument is not consistent, he says its ok to bomb irak cause they did torture, usa tortered too, so is it legitime to bomb them then too? I forgot for america no rules apply

  • instantsurgery

    Hahah at 0:18 seconds I thought he would compliment MM 😀 Then he went flipped it over and just destroyed him.

  • Youngturk

    Hitchens was a fascist agent of western imperialism. It is sad that there was no hell for him to go to after his death.

  • t thom

    Moore's thinking is muddy, uninformed and confusing. I've seen his films and I've never heard a constructive, intelligent thought in any of them. And if he's not a member of the 1℅ then who the hell does qualify?