Christopher Hitchens on Hannity & Colmes about Rev. Falwell’s Death

Christopher Hitchens on Hannity & Colmes about Rev. Falwell's Death

Christopher Hitchens along with Ralph Reed participate in a debate on the legacy of the Reverend Jerry Falwell. This was recorded from the Hannity and Colmes show of 16-May-2007. UPDATE: December 16, 2011 – The influential writer and cultural critic Christopher Hitchens died on Thursday at the age of 62 from complications of cancer of the esophagus. For years, Hitchens had toured the country debating religious figures about his utter disbelief in the existence of a God. He didn’t waver in the face of his inability to treat his disease. To the very end, whatever the argument joined, Hitchens’ voice was an original. He is survived by his wife, the writer Carol Blue, and three children. Alexander, Sophia and Antonia. (from:

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Christopher Eric Hitchens (born April 13, 1949, in Portsmouth, England) is an Anglo-American author, journalist and literary critic. Currently living in Washington, D.C., he has been a columnist at Vanity Fair, The Nation, Slate and Free Inquiry; additionally, he is an occasional contributor to other publications and has appeared regularly in the Wall Street Journal. His brother is British journalist Peter Hitchens.

Hitchens is known for his iconoclasm, anti-clericalism, atheism, antitheism, anti-fascism and anti-monarchism. He is also noted for his acerbic wit and his noisy departure from the Anglo-American political left. He was formerly a Trotskyist and a fixture in the left wing publications of Britain and America. But a series of disagreements beginning in the early 1990s led to his resignation from The Nation shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks. He is also known for his ardent admiration of George Orwell and Thomas Jefferson, and his iconoclastic criticism of Mother Teresa.

While Hitchens’ idiosyncratic ideas and positions preclude easy classification, he is a vociferous critic of what he describes as “fascism with an Islamic face,” and his critics have been known to describe him as a “neoconservative”. Hitchens, however, refuses to embrace this designation. In 2004, Hitchens stated that neoconservative support for US intervention in Bosnia and Iraq convinced him that he was “on the same side as the neo-conservatives” when it came to contemporary foreign policy issues. He has also been known to refer to his association with “temporary neocon allies”.

Hitchens no longer considers himself a Trotskyist or a socialist; yet he maintains that his political views have not changed significantly. He points out that, throughout his career, he has been both an atheist and an antitheist, and that he has always remained a believer in the Enlightenment values of secularism, humanism and reason. Hitchens has launched a detailed attack on Religion in his book god Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. He has also stated that, while he “was very much in rebellion against the state” during his youth, he is now “much more inclined to stress… issues of individual liberty.”

Hitchens became a United States citizen on his fifty-eighth birthday, April 13, 2007.

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  • Awsesome Tech

    Amazing in this interview is that Hitchens refuses to be boxed in by the confining 'questions'. Part of his brilliance, they set out to present him as not respecting the 'family' … to which he stated might not I have said that while he was alive?

  • Jake Rattin

    The irony of Sean Hannity using the phrase "pseudo-intellectual" in description of anyone but himself….

  • Roger Clarke

    Falwell was a fake, cheat and liar.

  • Reinier Terpstra

    hitchens rules!

  • Wizard ofAUS

    Just wonderful to see this piece of SHIT Hannity get his own medicine – FUCK HIM & FOX

  • Paul Hayes

    Wow….. fox news withers….

  • Charlie Gottschalk

    I love how Hannity asked for decency. I doubt he knows the definition of the word. "Reverend" Falwell's "ministry for addicts and alcoholics was "I'll help you but you have to listen to me preach. Such a vile piece of shit he was.

  • peach495

    Falwell was fair game for ridicule as he was a vulgar hypocrite. Got caught with prostitutes & porn multiple times. Said we deserved 911 & was a total asshole. I'm glad he's dead.

  • Tippersnore

    Sean Calamity is a national disaster.

  • Grant Davidson

    Colmes is the most smug, obnoxious cunt on fox.