Christopher Hitchens – on Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

If only Hitch were alive today to give his opinion on Election 2016 (and many other things) the World would be a better place. Either way, here are some things he has said about our 2 remaining nominees.
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Christopher Hitchens – on Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

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  • TimelessMoments

    Yeah, the Hitch would have ripped them both to shreds, and I dare say, may even have considered moving back to the UK!

  • SuperHuia

    miss you Christopher

  • DeplorableMc

    Hitch certainly would have had reservations about Trump, but if he were around today he'd spend every waking minute on TV warning people about the Clintons.

  • Harmony Jones

    1:48 – Now THAT is a good find 🙂 Well done, Primate.

  • Morphing Reality

    One of a kind.

  • Bakeyourface

    He died half a decade before any of this shit

  • Roughcovers

    Kissinger did support the Iraq war, he only later criticised it, so Hitchens, Kissinger and Hillary were on the same side on the Iraq war issue in 2002/03

  • hitchpster

    There is such a thing as a Lesser Evil. She will be a disaster, yes, but she's still an adult.

    Voting Trump would be like putting an automatic machine gun in the hands of a child. See how that scenario ended up, every time. And like Hitch said, his discourse is willfully fascist.

  • Paul 007

    HEY! That part about "..don't waste my time with that bullshit!" was in reference to ISLAM. Be honest. #NeverTrump #NeverHillary

  • Dread Wolf

    So from what I guess he would be ripping he's heir out about to days identify politics and the Muslim holy dictatorship that is trying to take over the world,

  • I Am

    Hitchens hated Clinton for the pandering politician she was. However, he KNEW Trump should never be elected for ANYTHING. Lesser of two evils may still be evil, but when you are forced to pick, will your conscience let you side with a snake oil salesman accusing everyone else of being crooked?

  • Ladi Singh

    my support with trump

  • Barthaneous

    So one comment on Trump and its basically , Do we really have to ? But for the facts of Hilary he has literal accounts of fraud and lies and they never stop. So basically (TRUMP= i Dond Like) and (Hilary=A lying bitch whore thief)…Hmmm folks , lets take a second to think about this..

  • Long Island Teresa

    When people tell me they don't want to vote for Trump… It just tells me that these people don't mind Clinton will be bringing in 650,000 undocumented Syrian refugees to our country… Which means that if you think 20 trillion dollars in debt is huge now and we're going to have before the next president comes in if Hillary brings in all these people not only in 4-8 years were going to have 40 trillion dollars in debt ….but also we're going to be just like Angela merkel's Europe territory … having our friends and Families young daughters and young boys getting raped by radical islamic terrorists and getting beheaded by these people… Besides all the other stuff that Hillary has done and has been proven of lie.. Just That alone should scare the living crap out of anybody and anybody that welcomes Hillary Clinton into our white house would deserve to have that done to their family… Even if only 1 to 5% of these people that come into our country are terrorists, then you will see how quickly you would change your mind if your little boy or little girl gets raped by The animals that Hillary wants to bring into our country… If you are not paying attention to Europe and what's going on there, you need to pay attention…..i have protection…but many people dont…and Hillary wants to disarm you, making it easier for you all to be murdered by wackos . .. if you vote for Hillary, you're voting for your own demise…. remember, hillary is surrounded by 10-20 ARMED guards a day; but she wants to take your guns away….oh hell no…do NOT vote for this lying witch….. a true bitch, a witch that is trying to cast a spell on her followers.

  • boose boose

    USA will be pretty fucked with their next president.

  • primeribeye

    2 demagogues, 1 stupid, another stupid enough to go to Scotland the day after Brexit and proclaim that they were overjoyed with the vote. Your choice.

  • FinnGamingChannel

    boy i wish christopher was alive to comment on the current election