Christopher Hitchens mops the floor with Al Sharpton – Is God Great

The late great Christopher Hitchens in a discussion with Al Sharpton. Hitchens as usual, mopped the floor with his opponent. I don’t know how people can continue to tow the line on the religious side and not be open to understanding what Hitchens was saying. They just refuse to see it any other way. Sharpton didn’t do much to show that God was good, moral, or even true.

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  • Sam Swing

    Any who tried to debate Hitchens could expect to have his ass handed to him. Sharpton isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • James Smith

    Al Sharpton has never yet disappointed. thank you both.

  • Craig Wanta

    Both are retards… nuff said.

  • Seinfeld Font


  • extremesoul666

    Al sharpton is quite ignorant.

  • John Doe

    1 why would he give him the world??? (really what would be the point)
    2 why would he come back and not god??? (he could just snap his fingers and everything like it should be)
    3 didn't he make the devil (and if made everything else then he had to make the evil and pain that come with it)

  • Harvey Ball

    I find the vitriol, hatred & self righteous dismissiveness in most of the comments below demeaning to both the speakers and the listeners. Yes, it was fairly light weight for such a serious topic that has fixated mans attention ad infinitum BUT it does shed light on what lies beneath both Mr Hitchens & Sharpton – they have more in common than I thought. It was comforting to find that both men would fight for our freedom for all and fight injustice to any. This is the basis of freedom and peace – freedom for all, injustice to none. God is not necessary for this very basic concept. Goodwill is. Whether with god or not. Both men leave all our elected leaders for dead. Thanks for the post

  • TheWeasle17

    Just saying, the Bible explains that the Earth is round and the orbit and about seasonal changes. Also, Hitchens is unfit to speak about, at least to my knowledge, Christianity. He regurgitates the simplistic ideas and "knowledge" that so many atheists believe about Christianity such as that Christians believe that we are suppose to kill, rape, cause genocide, enslave, etc. If Hitchens and other atheists actually read the Bible instead of a verse or two, they will understand what their initial thoughts about the faith is completely incorrect. Every time I see an atheist start by saying that the Bible and Christianity condones rape, murder, slavery, and other atrocious acts, I can't help but just roll my eyes and laugh at their ignorance, and I have seen countless of atheists and even about every atheist I came across who say this.

  • Harry Gearhart

    Atheists have been around for years now maybe even 2000 years ago. It's people like Hitch that put a wallop in these debates that get people thinking, and asking questions.

  • colin958

    In essence they both fundamentally agree. The difference appears to be split on the innate points.  Hitchens for me displays a razor sharp logic, where as the Reverend is able to address questions in a dignified manner.

  • MusicIsAll

    I'm a Sun worshipper, because it actually makes sense.