Christopher Hitchens Mangles Marvin Olasky in this Religion & god Debate

Debate Topic: Does Religion Poison Everything?
Date of debate: May 14, 2007

LBJ Library Museum
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  • Gavin Andrews

    More morons being bulldozed by the greatest man of the last 50 years.

  • Rick Wiggins

    Wanted to watch, but my computer doesn't go loud enough.

  • christopher Talos

    Not convincing enough for me. Christopher Hitchens does it again, such a great speaker very nice. RIP mate
    Just on that bit about flight 93 by the Dr…can anyone show me a photo of plane wreckage please

  • DJ Storyteller (DJ Storyteller)

    Dear YouTube User,

    do you care about values? Are you desperate sometimes about how we treat each other and what we do with our planet? Do you believe it's time for a real change in our society?

    If your answer is "yes" – please feel free to watch this video and share. Thank you!

    Your Storyteller

  • It is I

    This dude on the left is so bad…

  • Beth Webster


  • colly3333

    This is a pretty boring debate. But Christopher Hitchens remains professional and courteous to his opponent in the name of debate no matter how a snoozefest it was. Love you, Hitchens.

  • Sam McLean

    who has the bluest eyes andthe most sexual charisma? meow hitch

  • Sam McLean

    right. i'm gonna be videoed. i shall just shave of my sideburns. that'll work