Christopher Hitchens live tv compilation best bits no1

Some memorable moments from Christopher Hitchens long list of televisual exploits. Christopher says it how it is on live, national television for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, more coming soon.
(Some excerpts may have slightly less than perfect sound apologies where due)

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  • jonnine

    "Fuck you…!"
    Sorely missed. C.H. RIP…but then he'd not want to.

  • chris lacock

    haha the last clip is a feckin classic.

  • Shane Hamilton

    i luv the Maher clip!fucking nailed it

  • Mark AirWind

    if youre gonna compile something. make sure all of them has the same volume level. thanks anyways

  • Pir8jove

    The world's an intellectually poorer place without this fella.

  • colly3333

    I fuckin' love him — intelligent, witty, charming, and unapologetic. I'm glad he gave Bill Maher's audience the middle finger. I swear many of the people who watch his show are dumbasses. I miss Hitchens. RIP <3

  • Aquila

    Ugh, I can't make out what he's saying from 0:500:53 Can someone please transcribe it for me?

  • Endlessnameless

    He flipped off the maher audience what a fucking legend!

  • clubredken

    I like a guy who goes on Bill Maher's show and has no problem goading Bill's live audience into booing him. Then fingers them. haha

  • Jacques Poitier

    Can anyone point to a video or text where the Dalai Lama calls himself a god-king? Other people have written about him as such (ie. in the book 'Seven Years in Tibet'), but I've seen him, in the flesh, saying that this title is nonsense… I'm just curious.

  • 182parker

    The religious do well to earn themselves a spot in heaven not because they are pre inclined to, but because ofnanpromise of heaven. Anyone can be a good person just what motivates you being the difference. Really doing well based on religious beliefs is narcissistic cause really in doing so you believe to have earned one more step to some sort of paradise rather than the sole motivation in being to help others

  • Gary T Tomo

    it's time to go forward, not backwards creationism is 100 percent lying to kids, teaching fairytales, look how much Muslims have been held back mentally, the science that cures disease is ok but science that proves history is all wrong

  • Xavier Foisse

    Atheism is irrationnal, because Nothing can be created from absolutely nothingness.
    And if scientists try to apply the mechanics of quanta (for exemple), they don't start from nothingness but from a reality already existing and which laws allow to apply quantum mechanics.
    We can't have a scientific activity starting nothingness because this last has no reality and no laws allowing sciences.
    Only an exterior, and then, transcendant source (the source/energy of Life) can create something.
    Why we don't see god ? Religous feel him inside. The life has a value and love or wickedness/perversion are some reactions to this value. That's the explication of the moral : a reaction to the energy of Life.
    The reals psychotics/stupids people are atheists.
    * sorry for my english.

  • madquiver2

    oh dear Christopher! the father I never had.
    I wish that I had met you, or that you had been my dad.
    erudite and witty, educated and so wise.
    laughing at religion, poking god in both his eyes!

  • David Igleniec

    Yessssss.. Miss you Hitch..

  • phteven Z

    I miss him more than ever with what's happening this election.


    I love how he turned the Dali Lama vs Khomeini remark completely on its head.