Christopher Hitchens – Lecture on How Religion Poisons Everything

Christopher Hitchens - Lecture on How Religion Poisons Everything

Christopher Hitchens: Author “God is Not Great”
June 7, 2007
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  • Idiot atheist

    The only good thing the excrement did was die.

  • Ermias Asfaw

    "Emence of cocktail hours!"

  • Shane Hamilton

    if god gave us free will,then why does god get pissed when we use it?why not just make everyone on this planet a involuntary follower built into our dna to believe and follow one god.

  • ashley kramer

    My theory on how religion and God began…. Long ago mankind had evolved to the stage that allowed him to invent language, and writing. Now finally there became a means by which people could communicate their ideas.
    The best thinkers would gather together to discuss the problems, these groups would only include the stronger sex, being men. The biggest problem was that it was almost impossible to become wealthy, without being murdered and the guilty party taking everything you had for himself. You would lose your livestock, your crops, your family, and your life.
    The thinkers came up with a plan. They would introduce rules that everyone had to obey, forbidden would be murder, theft and rape. They would have to employ people to enforce the rules, and administer the punishments, these costs would be paid for by the wealthy, as they had the most to gain out of the plan.
    The biggest problem was that people did not live very long, hence many did not fear death, and would happily risk death, even to experience a short period of wealth and prosperity. So the thinkers developed a story, whereby people would be told that there was a God who was watching, and would judge them after they died. They would play the roles of witnessing the exploits of Jesus, and write it all down in a book.
    People really would be frightened at the thought they would be tortured for eternity. As the story spread so behaviour improved, most of the people in those days were highly ignorant, and fell under the spell. What helped the story grow, was that humans were born with a conscience, so now it finally made sense why they had felt guilty when they had done bad things.
    It was made compulsary to spread the story, with strong punishments administered to those who challenged it. For the peasants who would only live a short life on earth anyway, it was an appealing idea that if they behaved they could expect a better deal in their next life. After a few generations it was completely accepted by almost the entire world.
    As the populations exploded some societies would adopt the same general idea with some variations. That was how new religions grew.
    So when you are a poor person walking passed a wealthy man's home, whether you believe in God or not, you may for a moment lament the fact that you cannot walk in and take it all away from him.
    Religion and God was nothing more than an invention by wealthy people who were clever enough to come up with a plan, whereby they could keep the wealth for themselves and away from the poor.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    11m6s THANK you, Mr Hitchens, for DEMOLISHING this BULLSHIT belief (by atheists & theists) that "the vast majority of Americans believe in jesus, god, etc" or that "you cannot be an atheist & run for office in America".

  • The Ultimate Reductionist


  • hamba2han

    Christopher Hitchens issued a famous challenge: "I challenge you to find one good or noble thing which cannot be accomplished without religion".

    Well, actually there are quite a few things that, by any objective analysis, are good and noble which Islam accomplishes that neither atheism nor indeed most other faiths seem capable of doing.

    Islam saves more lives every single year worldwide through it's prohibition on alcohol consumption alone than all the lives saved through the work of all the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine since it's inception put together.. and so, if they are giving away Nobel Prizes in Medicine on the basis of the number of lives saved by the work of the recipients, then the Muslim world as a whole deserves to be awarded at least a few thousand Nobel Prizes in Medicine since it's inception for successfully teaching and continually implementing a proven and effective cure for alcoholism which undoubtedly kills millions of people all over the world annually.

    And apart from alcoholism, Islam has also proven to be an effective cure for various other causes of death like suicide and abortion, which of course would also total in the countless millions worldwide every single year.. and I would think that this is worth a few thousand more Nobel Prizes in Medicine that deservedly should be awarded to the Muslim world.

    I can also mention other things which Islam prohibits like gambling and usury but the list is too long and suffice to say that Islam has proven to be a highly effective cure and remedy for all kinds of social ills which have brought death, destruction, pain, suffering and misery to much of the world's population throughout the course of human history.

    Wellness and prevention being a whole lot better than sickness and cure is a universally accepted principle in the field of medicine and Islam is clearly an extremely influential and effective promulgator of this medical principle.. and therefore, a true and honest humanist would have no hesitation at all in acknowledging and lauding Islam's immense and continuous contribution to humanity.

    The point here with regard to Christopher Hitchen's aforementioned famous challenge, is that the teachings of Islam saves quite literally millions of lives every single year worldwide and this is something that the "teachings" of atheism certainly does not do.

  • Lloyd Dettering

    Here's something that ought to worry you more. It started long before during the Paul Martin government. Maybe even before :

    Sam Harris, in your book "Free Will", you quote Joshua Komisarjevsky, a career criminal, as claiming to have been stunned by his own behavior and that he had not consciously intended to kill anyone. As you've said 'such details might begin to give us pause'. In the Wikipedia biography of "Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, a Spanish professor of physiology at Yale University, famed for his research on mind control through electrical stimulation of the brain", in Reference #9, "Delgado later learned he could duplicate the results he got with the stimoceiver without any implants at all, using only specific types of electromagnetic radiation interacting with the brain. He lamented he didn't have access to the technology when (General) Franco (of Spain) was in power, as it would have allowed him to control the dictator at a distance". Do you realize that the one (or all) of the US government police agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, who knows) now has the ability to see and hear whatever anybody is doing or saying (alien technology? So are drones), and might have been responsible for the murders of the wife and dauhters of Dr. William Petit through Komisarjevsky (guns don't kill people as they say. People kill people with guns) as an experiment in mind control? The Reference #9 has now been removed, perhaps because I have suffered much at their hands and they don't want me to show this to anyone else. No one (especially the local police) will believe me. I now wear an all-steel helmet which blocks or absorbs the EMR, though they attack other parts of my body (not really effectively. It's my head they want). They have been trying to kill me for 6 years now. They killed my wife in 2008 and 2 healthy dogs in 2015 by induced heart attacks. The heart goes through a contract/relax cycle normally. They contract the heart for long periods until you're dead. This is how Andrew Brietbart was murdered (at first, a few minor attacks causing him to see his doctor about his heart, establishing a history, that established then the full force, and as a result he died). They do the same with the lower sphincture muscle of the intestine causing the feces to back up and you can't excrete, causing your health to deteriorate (meanwhile, your breath stinks of feces). If you're a diabetic on Insulin, regardless of how strict you follow the doctor's orders, you wake up to find your blood sugar reading sky-high. They attack the endocrine system, depleting your glands of their fluids. So, when you're really in a poor condition because your endocrine system no longer protects you, along comes the Trudeau Liberal government to offer you Doctor-Assisted Suicide and the doctors know nothing of what had been done to you. Canada's pensioners are living too long, costing, if they have long-term illnesses, too much. So, the government saves a bundle on pension and healthcare costs. Don't beleve me? Just Google, "Who are the members of Maple Group Acquisition Corp. (now TMX Group Ltd.)? The banks control governments at every level in Canada (Federal, Provincial and Municipal). Pehaps the Judiciary as well. The police? Certainly!(when anyone joins the Liberals or Conservatives they are vetted for how likely they are to 'play ball', if they want to run for office).The banks own or control stockbrokerages. The pension funds do NOT. The banks have insider information on how well or poorly a company is doing financially. The pension funds do NOT. Guess who is going to be told to buy or sell what the banks or their wealthy clients want to sell or buy? I'm sure the same thing is happening in the US. Maybe the other 3 eyes-inthe-sky countries (UK, Australia and New Zealand) as well. Israel's Mossud is also involved with the control of a genii that makes things appear and disappear (as in Aesop's fable of the boy who cried wolf), money, documents, etc. making you seem 'delusional' if you should complain to the police.

  • Vitomir Milosevic

    Hilarious guy! Religions devide people,spirituality unite them.What's better?

  • Chris talton

    He is a rather ignorant man if you asked me he believes in here stays in truth he has his own believes absolutely nowhere near the real truth I feel also he supports the killing of Middle Eastern or's he supports the war in Iraq and our American dictatorship around the world I rather poor excuse for a human

  • Bradley Gearhart

    I love the trigger warning in the beginning


    God actually is Great !! but should not be taken as an idol GOD !!
    Haven't come across anyone who could translate the quranic arabic without historical traditions.


  • cableaddict

    What's with all the censorship?

  • One FreeThinker

    What a truly amazing and outstanding intellect Hitch was, here's a man/rebel taking a stand against man's fallacies, explaining in brilliant cadence the meaning of life and danger of religions, counter through reason, Science logic and facts, he was indeed the ultimate polymath. Long Live Christopher Hitchens!!! Thank You so much for this download.

  • Elija D

    where are all the fossils of evolution? there should be millions.