Christopher Hitchens “Islam is Bullshit and I am Offended”

Christopher Hitchens said it best when he said islam was NON-sense, babble and more babble, a lesson from the past and for the future, RIP Sir Hitch your wise words will live on for eternity

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  • Sate Anne


  • Sate Anne


  • Sate Anne

    Don't trust these people. They will throw you under the bus.

  • Sate Anne

    "We are all offended by these anti-Semitic cartoons"- BULLS HIT.

  • Sate Anne

    He is right. Deny it all you want.

  • EatsShootsAndLeaves

    Follow islamic law? Never ever pedophile lovers. "Don't waste my time, it's bullshit!" Muslims will soon not be welcome in any country on earth. Good.

  • EatsShootsAndLeaves

    183 total cunts. Christopher Hitchens right on islam and it's intolerant madness. Islam is a disgusting religion, Muhammed was a pervert this cult must be destroyed asap.

  • Lee

    He's right. It is bullshit.

  • chris chow

    RIP the world have lost a rational man.

  • Hope For the Planet

    Christopher was absolutely correct in his assessment of the situation. The Muslims that demand that the western secular democratic world respect and observe Shariah laws in the public domain of their Mostly Christian and multi-faith societies are not asking for your respect; they are DEMANDING YOUR SUBMISSION. TO capitulate to their demands because they will terrorize and kill us with their gorilla warfare tactics is to abdicate our sovereign rights and values..This CAN NOT, SHOULD NOT EVER BE CONSIDERED AS A VIABLE RESPONSE. PERIOD. IF Muslims choose to reside in the free, independent, western democratic world THEY MUST RESPECT the laws and values of the land; they must integrate into society and adopt their democratic values. it is NOT incumbent on the civilized western countries to adopt and respect Islamic values and law; nor is it REASONABLE to DEMAND that they should. Segregating themselves from western society, creating Islamic religious and cultural enclaves within the host country, essentially annexing their enclaves to Islamic culture and law is unacceptable and illegal. If they are unwilling to become apart of the society and uphold the laws and democratic societal structure of the host country; they have the choice to move to a country that espouses their values. The host country must demand loyalty to its societal laws and constructs or anarchy will ensue.

  • George Orwel

    The greatest crime of all is in respect to the massive obsession with controlling women. Where are the "feminists" to tackle this oppressive "patriarchy" ? Where is the discussion about emotional freedom and self discovery of their own personality, by women, on women's terms ? Women are repeated expected to endure submissive roles.

  • Jack Kallemdjian

    he speaks the truth that's why people find I t so difficult. the truth hurts.

  • Chris Ellis

    'Hitch' may be dead . .but it is a certain that his philosophy common sense and intelligence will be around for a very long time indeed . .

  • Isa sa’id

    islam people self who says them bullshit, only few group of islam were truth from beginning. all of you guys are bullshit

  • Anti Feminist

    – –

    pedophile camel piss drinker muhammad with a bomb on its head

  • Lou Pa


  • Oskar Bravo

    That was a "debate"? Hitchens would fucking MURDER this guy given 60 mins (preferably more) in an open format.

  • Paddy Pratt

    This cunt is so week such a cocksuckng girls dick

  • Aphobias Polemos

    Fuck you muhammadan subhumans.

  • William Faulkner

    Even if you don't agree with Hitchens, it's good to understand his reasoning. He has lived and fought for the well being of "Muslims" more so than most.